Thursday, July 28, 2005

More Picnic Photos...

Sorry, I was in a bit of a hurry yesterday as TheBoy threw me off by actually getting off work ON TIME. Here's some more pics...

Liz, Liz and Will. Look at all that HAIR! They grow up so fast...

John and Jack. The other half of the Park twins. Aren't they sweet? Unfortunately they are old enough now to look suspiciously at you. Ah the good old days when they were just happy that you held them...

Angie and Erik being schmoopy... It's okay we'll let them be schmoopy while they're still in the honeymoon phase. But be warned y'all we expect all the schmoopiness to be firmly cut off somewhere between months 6 and 8.

Yeah. Good times y'all. Nothing like a little food, a little velcro catch, a little conversation, a little sun and a little booze to round out the weekend. Oh, well at least until the ranger came over and told us that we couldn't drink any more. We might have been able to play it off... "What drinking? There's no drinking here." If someone* hadn't been pouring a beer as the ranger walked up.

Also, a word to the wise, apparently if you set up a table in an area where there are no tables allowed, secret people will be watching you from a distance and it will spawn a whole mass set up of picnic tables. And that would just ruin the park y'all. Heaven forbid. Luckily our "table" (2 saw horses and some marine ply TheBoy had laying around) was easily moved to the ground so as not to cause said ruination.

A big thank you to Christine for allowing us all to crash over at her place and swim in her pool. Even if the pool was slightly warmer than outside! And thanks for letting us raid your fridge! Yummy BBQ!

Also thank you to Michael for teaching us all how to do flips. In a pool thisbig (holding fingers up to show you the tiny size of the pool). And for flipping us again and again and again (and again). Even if it took someone (ahem) getting "slightly" inebriated before she could gather the courage to attempt it.

The biggest thank you of all goes to Ms. Lizzie (whose brain child this picnic idea was) for organizing it all and providing 2/3 of the food. It was fun to be reminded how much fun something as simple as an afternoon playing in the sun with friends could be. Good for the soul y'all.

*It was totally Christine.

PS - Speaking of Christine... Her photos are way more fun than mine!

I liked this one of Michele and Ryan... At least Ry isn't making a weird face. And notice how Michele still manages to look cool and composed? Like it wasn't 182 degrees outside? Not fair! Also, that is sweet tea in that cup y'all. Not beer. Because we would. Never.

And Angie, me and Linda in Christine's kitchen during one of our short breaks from swimming. No my cheeks don't flush when I'm drinking... Why do you ask? I purse my lips at you! Also, note the proof of my wonderful sense of humor? I apparently crack Angie up. However, there was pomegrante vodka punch involved. Also, maybe ciders.

TheBoy doing what he does best. Erik says "no photos". Michael says hello. You gotta love our guys!

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Tiffany said...

Christine says Angie looks like a pirate in the picture above. Aaarg matey!

I prefer to think it was my scintillating wit...