Wednesday, July 06, 2005

South Beach Diet Hell Phase - Take 2

Remember a few years ago when the crazy low-carb / no-carb craze began? Well I'm a big girl, I'll admit it... I tried it. I went out, bought the South Beach Diet book, read it cover to freaking cover, promptly threw out all the "evil" carbs in my kitchen and started fresh.

And I lost weight. I did. Like 8 pounds in a week. But then I started feeling weird and one day I just up and passed out on the stairs. Thankfully I was at home and carrying a whole load of towels and sheets down to the washer which broke my fall. Turns out yours truly is borderline hypo-glycemic. Who knew? So, thankfully I might add, I progressed out of horrible, hateful stage one into marginally better stage two. Where I stayed for several months... Until the beer started screaming my name so loudly I couldn't think and I began training for a marathon (running requires carbs don't you know).

So, you might ask why I would EVER willingly go back to EVIL phase one? Because I am stuck. I have hit the proverbial weight loss wall. Of course you know it might be because me? I like beer. Also, vodka, red wine and more beer. Did I mention I like beer? And beer is like the antiChrist of the South Beach Diet. Something about malt sugar... Blah, blah, blah... I even gave up beer for Lent this year. Longest 40 days of my damn life. But I got on the scale after getting back from 4th of July at Lake Shasta (photos and trip stories coming soon) where there may have been (was) a small amount (copious quantities) of beer consumed. *Ahem*

Y'all I have GAINED. Damn it! Not only am I NOT losing, but I GAINED a few pounds. Something has to be done! Something drastic. Something like South Beach Diet Phase One. So last night I went through the kitchen and got rid of anything tempting and went to the store and stocked up on String Cheese, Eggs and Hummus. Here goes nothing.

So for today? First day without booze, caffeine or carbs? I feel pretty good y'all. Like, I'm making progress, look at me, good. Like, I have enormous quantities of will power, good. Of course I could be still riding the carb high from my pasta lunch and Thai food dinner from yesterday... And it has only been about 17 hours since my last cocktail. And 6 of those hours I was sleeping. And 9 of those I've been at work. But never the less... Right now? I am doing great!

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