Thursday, July 07, 2005

People watching at the car wash...

I love to people watch at the car wash! I used to go every week. But now I feel guilty spending the $10 to have my car washed because TheBoy reminds me again and again that it's free if I do it... But I HATE washing the car! Give me a stack of dirty dishes or a toilet that needs scrubbing and I'm all over it. But washing the car? Hate it. Also, ironing. But that's neither here nor there.

So yesterday I took my little $10 bill and my coupon and drove down to the car wash. Because it was time y'all. Between the birds that shit fluorescent colors, the pollen, and the trips through the bugs back and forth to Chico and Lake Shasta my car was in desperate need of a bath. It got to the point that people were being very careful not brush up against it as they got in or out. I'm embarrassed y'all. It wasn't pretty.

But I'm so happy I went. Because I've forgotten how much fun it is! I got to practice my Spanish. Which apparently I can understand but not speak back. I think my brain doesn't work quick enough to translate. But I did get appreciative glances from the guys doing the vacuuming because I could understand what they said to me. Even if my responses were in English. Also, I think they did an extra thorough job with the vacuuming. Something to keep in mind for next time.

Then I got to people watch. Which was distracting me from the yummy smells of free popcorn... (Can you have popcorn on the SBD? You can have corn... Though I don't know about for evil stage 1)

There was the totally harassed looking mother of two who were having a popcorn fight. They totally belonged to the minivan. And let me tell you that minivan had seen better days.

And the completely high maintenance woman who was all glam-ed up at 4 in the afternoon. Seriously her look was borderline "walk of shame". She got into a black convertible BMW. Of course. But even though the weather was perfect, she didn't put the top down. Because that would mess up her hair.

But me? Y'all know me. The novelty of the convertible has not worn off in 5 years. So what do I do? I turn in my slip, hop in the car, put the top down, crank the tunes and drive away. In my newly clean car. Life is good. It's the little things y'all. The little things.

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