Tuesday, July 19, 2005

12 days and counting...

Marathon Day is July 31st. It feels like I have been training FOREVER! Oh wait... Needless to say I am very excited. Also, anxious, nervous and in pain. But I digress. In 12 days I'll be running through the great city of San Francisco.

So, many of you might be wondering about the knee situation. Well I've finally found a Dr. who doesn't think I am insane for attempting to run ever. In fact he's a tri-athlete himself. He does the Hawaiian Iron Man. Which is THE Iron Man to end all Iron Men for those of you who don't follow triathalons. It's the Boston Marathon equivalent. Yeah, he rocks.

He also is very, very (saintly even) patient. Especially when I do totally reasonable and grown up things like start crying in his office, going on and on about the fact that I am injured NOW so close to the race instead of EARLIER when I could have had time for a full recovery, and how everyone is going to be so disappointed in me, blah, blah, blah. Not one of my finest moments y'all. *sigh*

But we've discussed it and we have a PLAN for race day. The PLAN is even supplemented with a PLAN B just in case the knee decides to be difficult. So wish me luck y'all. I'm going to need it. Seriously.

However, as we get closer to race day the group that I have been training with gets more and more sentimental. We've been through so much together! We've shared our life stories! And the life stories of several of our closest friends and family members! I love you Z-Girls!

Here's some photos that Jane was kind enough to send out of our 20 mile run which was May 21st. Yeah I know... Better late than never. I get it!

Here we are at the un-Godly hour of 7:45 am holding on to our time sign. Pre-Run.

Here we are at the top of the Lyon Street stairs.

If you've had a conversation with me about any of the training runs, you've heard about the dreaded Lyon Street stairs. They are my arch nemesis! I hate them! Stupid, steep, stomach turning, thigh burning stairs!

The half way point.

Back at camp... The End.

And just for fun...

Here's a picture of us from the 23 mile run on June 11th on the Golden Gate Bridge. That is the only time I've ever been across the Golden Gate all the way like that! It only took me 13 years y'all! And it was beautiful. Despite the fact that my knee was hurting like crazy and was secretly plotting to stop working all together in another 3 miles or so.


mary said...

My God Tiff - are those women actually shorter than you?! ;-)

fategirl said...

random props. cute site!!

Tiffany said...

Yes - A few of the women are shorter than me... Scary isn't it?!?!

Hi FateGirl! *waives*

Michele said...

How DID you end up with people shorter than you?!