Tuesday, July 12, 2005

SBD Hell Phase - The END!

Okay so remember how I said that the first time I tried the SBD Phase 1 I made it about 8 or 9 days in and then passed out carrying laundry up the stairs? And how I might be mildly hypo-glycemic? But that I was going to give the evil phase 1 a second try?

Well... I lied. I made it all of about 2.5 days this time. And then there I was, sitting at my desk, feeling light headed, when my boss comes over to explain something to me. I turn my head quickly to look at him, which is of course the polite thing to do, and all of a sudden realize I am about to lose the string cheese and hummus I had for lunch!


So, after I make it back from the ladies room, and endure a few good-natured jokes about morning sickness (at 3 in the afternoon but I digress) I decided that I had had just about enough of the SBD.

Stupid diet.

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