Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Happy Hour in Downtown PA

Last Friday night was the first Friday night in about 5 months when I wasn't either:

a) getting up at 6am the next morning to run obscene distances, or
b) out of town

I couldn't join my group for the "celebration" run of 26 miles on Saturday because I can hardly manage a hobble for 3 miles these days with the knee. (However, the supplements are helping I think!) And we didn't make plans to go to the lake because I *might* have been able to run and I didn't want to rule the possibility out all together.

So what does a girl do when she can't run and isn't going wakeboarding and has a whole Friday night to herself? Why, she goes out for Happy Hour with some girlfriends! What else? We started with a couple (3) martinis on the outdoor patio of F&A's, because the weather was fantastic y'all! Summer has finally decided to grace us with her presence.

Then because we had drank large quantities of vodka on an empty stomach we decided perhaps we should have dinner. And wine. So we headed over to Lavanda where we promptly won over our bartenders/servers.

And we drank wine. A bottle of red wine. Then we shared a flight of white Burgundy tasters - because doesn't that sound so summer-y and delicious? It was. The we had port.* But in the midst of all this we had dinner. And it was fantastic. Really, really good. I recommend it. Especially the gnocchi.

And when it was all said and done? That was the best 5 hours of drinking and eating and girlfriends that I've had in ages. Because my girlfriends? They rock! And don't even blink when I randomly start to cry in the bar. (Because I mentioned there was vodka involved right? Also, that I don't sleep anymore?) We just had the best time y'all. Seriously, let's do it again. Soon.

*I might have been the only one who had port - mmmm, yummy port.


Michele said...

So, was the matching outfits on purpose? :D

Liz said...

Hey at least I wasn't wearing a floral skirt.

I pride myself on being able to color coordinate with my friends without it involving a phone call.

Sadly, this was minor in the matching department.

Michele said...
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Michele said...

Oh yes - SUCH a big difference!