Thursday, July 21, 2005

Another MeMe (I love these things!)

And it's a BOOK one! Y'all know how I am with the BOOKS!

Here's the questions:

How many books do you own?

Um... Is that a rhetorical question? I have no idea! I'll hazard a guess of 500.

What is the last book you bought?

Harry Potter! But actually that's not true because I pre-ordered in months ago... SO, I'd have to say it was Wuthering Heights, Emma and Jane Eyre. I kind of have been on a classics binge lately. I decided to order the female authors on that list. Sometimes there is rhyme to my reason.

What is the last book you read?

Y'all know I am never just reading one book at a time! I just finished - We Thought You'd be Prettier by Laurie Notaro (lake reading) and Gods and Generals by Jeff Shaara (Civil War stuff - y'all know).

What's the one book that you can't wait to read?

I'm reading the new Harry Potter right now! But I guess that doesn't count. I have a stack of books at home right now. I'm not sure I could pick which one I want to start with... Oh but there is a new Diana Gabaldon book coming out in the Outlander series that I can not WAIT to read in Septemberer.

What 5 books are most important to you?

Important as in life altering? Or just like important as in loved to read? Would read again? (and again? and again?) Hmmm...

1) Gone With the Wind. Favorite book of all time. I used to borrow it from the library at least twice a year and then for my 16th birthday my Mother got me a hard bound version. Love you Mom! I know I'm crazy but I have always kind of based my actions on that book. I'd like to be the best possible combination of Scarlett's spunk, energy and ability to land on her feet no matter what and Melanie's calmness, sincerity and just plain old niceness. There. Now I've shared something embarrassing.

2) The Outlander Series. I count all 5 books (soon to be 6) as one because they are a series... I just love these books. They have it all. History, romance and good old-fashioned blarney.

3) Reading Lolita in Tehran. This book opened my eyes again to the wonderful world of Literature that I had left behind when I left college. It also spawned the list of classics that I MUST READ which prompted the purchases of the Bronte sisters' books and more Austen, above.

4) The Chronicles of Narnia. Again with the series. These books kind of awakened my passion for reading when I was younger. The whole Judy Blume book series and such didn't really do it for me. But I loved Narnia. Also, Sweet Valley Twins. But I would never mention it out loud. *ahem*

(Gosh this is harder than I thought it would be!)

5) The Joy of Cooking. Come on you knew there was bound to be at least one cookbook on the list. This was my very first ever cookbook. Many of you that know me are still eating recipes out of it today. You could say that learning to cook out of this cookbook spurred me on to be the chef I am today! How touching... (wiping away an imaginary tear) Well. At least there certainly wouldn't have been a Delectable Mae's Catering. And I certainly wouldn't have collected the 30 cookbooks I have laying around at home now.

(Oh I forgot to add the cookbooks into the total of books owned in question 1. Make that 530. Give or take a few.)

Now the fun part! I tag Liz, Michele and Mary. Because I need more stuff to read!

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mary said...

you suck.
ok fine, I'll do it - but only at the expense of the other meme I haven't gotten to that is currently growing mold.