Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Summer Picnic

Hey y'all. Remember how I told y'all I was going to post the pictures from the picnic on Monday? I bet you thought I meant the Monday following the picnic didn't you? The Monday that was 9 days ago? Yeah. Well you were wrong. And apparently I didn't mean Monday at all but Wednesday. Because Wednesday is such a better day for the posting of photos don't you agree?


So. Yes. The picnic. It was LOADS of fun! If a teensy bit warm.

Here's the gang.

We might have gotten a tad carried away with the food. But when do we not?

Angie and Erik - Erik is new... But he held his own. Even if people got really drunk and belligerent. We like him.

Nicole and Cody - say it with me - Awwww... Although they did have to leave early to go shopping... I guess I will never understand the shopping thing!!

Christine and Michael - Mwah!

Liz and Ryan - the best friend and the boyfriend, isn't it nice when they get along? Not sure what face TheBoy is making though...

Me and Michele - Could I possibly look any sweatier and hot? Damn it Michele could you at least TRY to look hot and rumpled too?!!?


Liz said...

Is there some sort of screen process we can institute for photos, so
a) Ryan isn't being a smart ass and making a face that suggests I smell.
and b) I don't look like a tub of lard.


Tiffany said...

LOL! To be honest I didn't even look at the pictures before I posted them.

I have more though. I'll post them tomorrow.

Michele said...

Wouldn't the screening process ruin the fun? Thanks for sharing these Tiff!

Liz said...

Your fun maybe not mine. Imagine my horror that the first set of pictures posted of me are not exactly, how shall we put this, ummm, flattering.

Gee thanks Ryan!!!! I do not smell for the record.

Tiffany said...

In my defense...

You will note that the picture of me looks like I am in the middle of a pre-menopausal heat flash.

I also look like I have the darth vader smile going... Not the new fangled darth vador either - the old one from when we were kids.