Wednesday, June 29, 2005

4 Years Together (part 2)

TheBoy did good this year. Really good. Because y'all know I wasn't expecting much. I mean he did forget the whole birthday thing. And we generally aren't so good at the whole EXPRESSING OF EMOTION .

So first right about lunch time I get a call from the receptionist to come up front. Where I see these:

The card reads:

Happy Anniversary!
I love you

Very cute. And thoughtful. And unexpected. Because I think in 4 years TheBoy has given me flowers two other times. The first Valentine's Day. And my 24th birthday. But I do love getting flowers at work! Yes, I am a RockStar. Also, very loved. Maybe even important. Thanks for asking.

Then at the end of a very long work day, and after I had missed the first of my summer tennis classes, TheBoy and I head off to dinner at LaFondue. Yes, the lactose intolerant girl loves her some fondue! Thank God for Lactaid.

Here's a picture of us cuddling at dinner:

So. Picture with me if you will. We're at dinner. We've just come from having a beer (him) and martini (me) at a cute little restaurant bar and have just sat down and ordered wine and fondue. All of a sudden a little jewelry box appears in front of me.

And TheBoy says: "Before our dinner arrives - Happy Anniversary babe."

And me? Totally freaking out for a nano-second.* The waiter even backed hastily away from the table. The people next to us were trying not to stare. And then it dawned on me. This is a kind of big jewelry box. Like the kind that would hold earrings.

And it did.

I love them! I cried. It was embarrassing. And when I had to run to the bathroom to look at them the lady from the table next to us came too. To look. And because they are real diamonds, as opposed to the glass I've been wearing for the last 10 years, they have fancy shmancy screw on backs. Because I am coordinated enough to screw backs onto earrings. I am. Except, did I mention there was vodka involved? Also red wine. But I managed to get them in.

TheBoy did good y'all. Real, real good. I'll keep him.

*Yeah I didn't really think... But for a split second...


Michele said...

Wow! Ryan did good this year! See - they CAN be taught!

BTW - what happened to your tennis post?

mary said...

Every girl loves the diamonds!
Maybe next year he'll get you a TENNIS bracelet.