Thursday, June 23, 2005

Beautiful little Orenjestad

It may surprise some of y'all that I have actually been to Aruba. Twice. I know! Country girl travels! Well actually, my parents have a time share thing and normally we go as far as Tahoe, which is you know less than 4 hours from here. But never the less. I have been to Aruba. Cute little country. So long as you are facing out towards the ocean. The middle is a huge de-salinization plant. But I digress.

It makes me very sad to see all the hoopla around that poor missing high school girl. Because I was that little high school girl several years back. And I went to the casino and to all the little bars and night clubs and well, I didn't meet a boy because I had MeanEx at home (who was obviously not MeanEx then) and I am a good girl, but Lisa met a boy and went out with him on the beach at all hours of the night. And we were safe. Because if nothing else on Aruba, you feel safe.

I mean I have now traveled to a couple places in Mexico and have partied pretty hard in various US destinations but never with that carefree, small Island attitude like Aruba. Aruba is unique in that. I hope that this one isolated incident will keep people from there. Because y'all would be missing out!


Shawn said...

I'll second that! :) My ship pulled made a port call there, granted we weren't so lucky to tie up where all the 'cruise' ships stop, nope, we were down in San Nicolas - if you're ever on the south end go to Charlie's. I had a great time there and thankfully not to many pictures to prove it! ;) Saw the whole island, did lots of diving followed by many beverages in many of the places seen now in the news...hey what can I say I'm a Sailor! Anyways, maybe I'll write something in my own blog instead of commenting in others about my times on the ship.

Liz said...

Y'all Count : 2