Friday, June 17, 2005

My "friend" Ted

Some of my friends have been talking about this whole Friendster thing. You know online profiles and such? But you know, I thought it was a kind of dating thing so I never really checked it out. Me being firmly in coupledom for the last 4 years (YIKES! 4 years y'all!).

However, Liz found a profile online of someone we both mutually used to know. Someone who has changed completely in the intervening years. So, of course, being the curious sort of girl that I am, I wanted to see the profile. But you have to be a member to view profiles. So, yep. I am now a Friendster. And I've had lots of fun looking up people to add as friends. Also ex-boyfriends and people from HS just to see how much they'd changed. See the curious comment above.

So today? Today I get my first message from a total random stranger.

"Hi Sexy"

"u r a fine white girl"

Now don't even get me started on the whole u = you and r = are thing. One day I'll do an entire post dedicated to my friend Ruben. And his "Ru-Bonics". Yes we call it that.

Also I could probably go on for days about the "white girl" comment. What the hell does that have to do with being "fine"? Truly. And would it be PC to say - a fine black girl? A fine Chinese girl? I mean this is 2005 right? Not 1905? Or 1805? Come on people let's think a bit more globally here.

So apparently there are lots of topics for me to discuss with my new "friend" Ted. I can't wait. Because isn't this what Friendster is all about? Meeting new people? And honestly ladies, who doesn't want to meet someone who thinks you're sexy?

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