Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I am a big girl.

I am. And I am perfectly capable of handling things on my own. Of course there is the whole non-confrontation thing... But I'm working on that. So what I want to know is:

How does one go about firing one's doctor?

Not that my Dr. isn't a perfectly nice woman. I've been seeing her for years, she knows my mom, and has generally been useful given my inherent fear of medical things. However, I think we may have a bit of a parting of the ways on our hands. See, we don't see eye to eye on some things. And while she is a Dr. and generally I would respect her opinion there are some things she says to me that clearly signal that she may not be the right Dr. for me.

Take for example today...

On Saturday I hurt my knee running. Today (Tuesday) it's still mildly painful and I have the triathalon relay coming up so I thought I should probably have it checked out. So I called up and after being passed off to several nurses and leaving various messages, I get a call from the Dr. herself.

Me: Oh hello Dr. Thanks for getting back to me.

Dr.: No problem, I understand you have a sore knee?

Me: Yes well on my last training run it started to bother me and since I have a triathalon relay next week I thought maybe I should have it checked out because it's still bothering me.

Dr.: I see, so how far did you run on Saturday?

Me: Well I made it a little more than 14 miles before it gave out...

Dr.: (interrupting) 14 miles is too far to be running, no wonder your knee hurts. Have you been icing? Is there swelling?

Me: Right. Well I am training for a marathon you know and 14 miles isn't really that long... But yes, I have been icing and there was swelling but it's diminished now. Might be a tad swollen but that's all.

Dr.: Well I'd certainly say you can't run next week if it's still hurting.

Me: Right, that was why I was hoping I could get in to see someone... Perhaps you could refer me to an orthopedist or something?

Dr.: No need for that, I'm sure it's something I can take care of... You probably just need ice but I'll take a look just in case. Hold on while I transfer you to the appointment desk.

Does anyone else sense my frustration here?!?!? How can I call myself an athlete if my own friggin Dr. thinks I'm crazy for running?!?! So this has gotten me thinking...

Perhaps I need a Dr. who is a little more, er, "athletically inclined".

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