Monday, June 20, 2005

More Friendster Fun!

I can already tell this Friendster business is going to be the source of hours of amusement. Today I received the following e-mail message from "Wasim":

"Cute. In fact very cute."

Why thank you Wasim. I'm sure you're quite lovely yourself.

Also, I got a Friendster invite from an old friend from High School! How fun is this?!?! So to all my IIF's out there, say hi to Mischa.



Liz said...

LMAO- I got an e-mail from Wasim on friendster too. He is very complimentary. But Tiffy darling you know what happens when friends date the same guy at the same time. Only provides hours and year of entertainment for the friends.

Tiffany said...

*sigh* Do you mean that the random men that write to me don't love only me!?!?

Ah well, I suppose dating the same guy at the same time is only something you can do once in a lifetime.

Although, you will be happy to note that another random high school friend stumbled on my friendster profile and commented that I have very hot friends.

I agree!

Michele said...

Hey when are you going to tell us a story about what it was like back when you were a kitten?!? That is what we all want to hear!