Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sleep Deprivation.

In honor of Kristy over at She Walks who recently detailed her weekend in terms of alcohol consumption I am giving you the recap of my weekend in hours slept. Because I could totally recount my entire LIFE detailed in consumption of alcohol. But I digress.

Friday night we went to see our friend Bob the Banker play in his band Mr. Meanor (get it?) at St. James Gate in San Carlos. Bob the Banker is also known as Bob the Rocker who seriously rocks ya'll.

Now just to make the distinction, I go to all sorts of gigs, plays and dance recitals because I have many friends who are in to this stuff and, because I am a good friend (or I try to be), I go to them all. I am a one-woman cheerleading squad. Also, I used to be involved in musicals and plays and dance recitals myself and asked my friends to come support me as well. It's only fair.

However, generally I'm bored to tears before the first number is out (which I would never say to anyone but you, the imaginary blog readers). Really. My friends try hard... But. Yeah. Of course I can think of two notable exceptions to the above statement (besides Mr. Meanor) off the top of my head right now so maybe I'm being harsh... I haven't had coffee yet and it's damn near lunch!

Anywho, Mr. Meanor rocks! http://www.mrmeanor.com/ Seriously! So instead of getting there for the first set and only staying an hour, we got there a bit later and ended up staying WAY longer than intended. I also drank WAY more beer than I planned on (which truth be told I planned on none at all which was my first mistake). So we finally made it home at 1:30.

Did I mention we were getting up at 4:00 to go to the lake? I didn't?!?! Because clearly I wouldn't stay out drinking until the wee hours if I knew I had to be up at 4 am right?? Er, right. So for the first total that's 2.5 hours sleep and 2 beers.

Saturday we got up at 4:00am (well I got up at 4:00 which was the prescribed time, the boy on the other hand didn't manage to drag out of bed until 4:30, which if had been the other way around I'd still be getting crap for, *ahem*) and packed up the car and drove the 4 hours up to Lake Shasta. Where we proceeded to drink copious amounts of beer and wake-board and tube and sun-bathe (read: sun-burn) to our little hearts content. Until it started to get dark. At which point we returned to camp to cook dinner. And drink more beer. Now of course I managed to stay awake long enough to drink more beer. But I didn't manage to stay awake long enough to eat dinner. Whoops. However, with the minor set backs of having to get up twice to pee, in the bushes, in the dark, I slept well. And long. So day 2 totals are 9 hours of sleep (not bad) and roughly 417 beers. Roughly.

Sunday we woke up to cold. and also wind. Brr... But we were determined to enjoy our last day at the lake. The boat had of course detached itself from shore and was bobbing peacefully about 50 feet out. After a rousing game of rock paper scissors, the boy went swimming for it. Brr... You know what warms you up after you've just been swimming in very cold water? Beer. And being the good girlfriend that I am, I couldn't let him drink alone. And German? Well he needs no excuse for beer. So fast forward day two, lots of water activities, a shower and dinner, and a LONG drive home. I'm finally in bed at 2 am. I get up for work at 6 am. Ouch. So day 3 totals include 4 hours of sleep and (hell, who am I kidding) too many beers to count.

And there you have it.

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