Monday, June 27, 2005

San Jose international Triathalon

Catherine, Linda and I competed in the SJIT yesterday out at Lake Almaden. It was very fun, great atmosphere out there, all the competitors were friendly and generally a good time was had by all.

Catherine started us off with her wave of the 1.5K swim at 7:40 am. It was still a little chilly out and I'm sure that water was not warm! But Catherine swam like a champ and was out among the front runners all the way through her swim. Here she is running out of the water up towards the transition area. Forgive the slightly wobbly look, it's a combination of TheBoy's stellar photography skills* and the fact that it is truly difficult to stand up after swimming and just start running. Uphill.

Linda rode off on the next leg, a 50K bike ride. Now y'all know me and the bike do NOT see eye to eye so I am in complete awe of Linda for riding the 26 +/- miles! WITH apparent chain problems on BOTH of the hills. Yep. I think she did well considering I think she'd have rather been competing in the whole triathalon like she did last year before she broke her foot and ended up working tons o' hours at work. But it was fun and I'm glad we got to do the relay thing. Here she is riding into the transition area. Forgive the fact that this is a rear view. Did I mention TheBoy has stellar camera skills?

Last but not least it was my turn to run out on the 10K run portion. The knee was feeling fantastic so I *might* have taken off a little quick and been a little over-zealous in the pace as I made it to the 1 mile marker in less than 10 minutes. Yeah. Someone needs to learn to pace herself. So I slowed down a bit in miles 2 and 3 but the knee started getting to me at mile 4. I switched into the Jeff Galloway mode (which I originally wasn't going to do on such a short run) and finished right about where I predicted I would. Of course, y'all know, I always try to under promise and over deliver so secretly I was trying to get a faster time. But given the knee injury and all else I felt pretty good about the run. Crossing the finish line was awesome! Here's a photo of that. Yes, it's once again a rear view.

And you know what the best part of the whole event was? Walking out to the car TheBoy put his arm around my shoulder and said "I'm so proud of you babe". Yep. He did. I think I'll keep him.

*Thankfully, Catherine's husband has better camera skills than TheBoy so I'll post a link with better photos once he gets them uploaded.

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