Thursday, June 23, 2005

My cat is FAT.

Yes he is. I tried putting him on a kitty diet but he just ended up vomiting every where. And Laurie* can attest to this... If there is anything worse that kitty poop, it's kitty vomit.

So I put him on kitty diet food. Kitty diet = human baby food = wicked expensive.

Then after I was broke, and the cat was officially eating better than me, I switched him to cat food for sensitive stomachs. Because my cat is high maintenance y'all. But then you know what happened? After all the kitty vomit and the expensive baby food? Yep. He put back on all the weight.

At least he's fat and happy.

*Do you like how I casually threw that in there? Like I actually KNOW Laurie? And am friends with her? And we regularly discuss cat poop? I'm of course refering to Crazy Aunt Purl ( whom I blog-stalk and think is hysterical.

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