Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ah... Perspective.

So say you've been trying to lose weight (hypothetically of course). And say you've been dieting and exercising. Also training for a marathon (in which you have to run 23 miles this Saturday - but this is hypothetical of course). And say you've been pretty proud of the 26 pounds you've lost. Nevermind that it took you a year to lose them. And nevermind that you had wanted to lose 43 pounds total by now. Yes, nevermind all that. You've been happy. You've even gone so far as to maybe feel pretty. Also sexy. Maybe.

Nothing could ruin that good feeling for you. Nothing at all. You are a goddess.

Until of course a well meaning friend takes pictures of you on a lake trip. And posts them on his website. And happily sends you the link. And you look at them and think "wow Shasta is really a beautiful lake."

And also, "Holy SHIT who is that woman?!?!? OMG it's ME! OMG I look like I ATE ME for breakfast. HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!"

And then you vow to stop eating all together and contemplate* giving up alcohol and also go running 4 miles at full sprint mode every night, all while thinking "you stupid cow, how could you have ever thought you looked okay?"

But this is just hypothetical. Of course.

*Did anyone notice I said contemplate? I mean even if this isn't really hypothetical, there's no need to get crazy!


Liz said...

If we are looking at this from the hypothetical stance, couldn't it be said for argument sake, that hypothetically, you are your own worst critic.

But that's Hypotheical of course.

PassingBlogger said...

The "Perspective" of an Outsider

This is just "hyothetical" but:

What if...just "if"...while looking at that beautiful, majestic lake only the hand of God could carve from the Earth; you notice more than the sparkling of the high-noon sun reflecting the blue and white expanse above.

What "if" what you saw was an image so beautiful that the elements take notice--the winds become quite, the Earth breaths in, and the heavenly skies flirt with the water below to become the canvas upon which the sun dances its rays across the subject.

What "if" this subject, the center of nature's attention, were you?

What "if" you looked past all this beauty, as hard as it may be, and saw the qualities of: friendship, discipline, gentleness, determination, and love?

What "if" this "perspective" were would the world take notice? How would this change your influence, impact, and ultimatly *your* perspective?

What "if" this were hypothetical...

Cupcake said...

Dude, you can run 23 miles? You're fine. Call me when you get winded climbing out of the bathtub, then it might be time to cut back on carbs.