Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Things that make you go... Blech!

So that article linked above got me thinking back to the days when I used to go, on a fairly regular basis, to Great America (now Paramount's Great America), a local theme park. I love the roller coasters! Yes I do. The faster the better. Loops? Give me three. Sharp drops? Love them. Spinning in circles? Bring it on.

But you know what I didn't like? The teenage boys that would spit on me and my friends in a juvenile attempt at flirting. Oh yes they did. There was one ride that was notorious for it. You know the one, with the large boat? The one that rocks back and forth until you finally go up and over and around in circles for a bit? Yeah that one.

So given the potential precedence the case above would set one could, in theory, call the roller coaster spit flirting a form of assault. Yep. Assault. And it could possibly carry a prison sentence. Or at the very least some community service...

Ha! We should put the spit-assaulters to work scrapping gum off the under-side of tables! Two equally gross things! Heh. Damn, I should have kept those scraps of paper with phone numbers on them from Jr. High. I could make some serious arrests here!

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