Friday, September 02, 2005

Better late than...

So, faithful IIF's (and real F's too!), remember when I went away for the weekend to the Wine Country with TheBoy, OlderBrother and OlderBrother's GF to visit their Mom? Back before the early morning boot camp, stressful week at work, all the horrible illnesses, hurricanes and obsessive calorie counting? Remember? Okay because I hardly do!


And can I tell you how I have come to be almost Nazi-esque about the Sleep? I will fit it in where ever I can. Lunch break = 30 minute nap in the parking garage (with the doors locked). Get home from work = 30 minute nap before the gym. Bedtime = 8:30. It's bad. There is something about doing roughly 647 squats/lunges every morning that will do that to a girl.

Seriously y'all. TheBoy woke me up in the middle of the night last night. 3 TIMES! On the 3rd time I had a full on irrational bitch fit! It was horrible. It involved lots of shaking of his head. And cursing. And a threat of sleeping on the couch. Him, not me. I'm not proud y'all. But. Do. Not. Mess. With. SLEEP! I'm just saying is all.

Okay, I'm rambling. I know it. I have a point. I DO!


All that above serves as the background to a sincere apology (again) for my lack of posting legitimate entertaining and also maybe witty posts for the past several days. I apologize. I do. I really WANT to blog. I have lots of posts half started... I promise to get to them soon.

Oh right. I KNEW it would come to me! (Yes, I am still rambling and searching for the point to this post...) But I have remembered the point! Yea me!

So, Sonoma. TheBoy and I drive up to Sonoma on Friday night and, due to some horrific traffic and a raceway formerly known as Sears Point (I think it's Infineon Raceway now) we didn't arrive until almost 9pm. But dinner was waiting and the wine had been poured so all in all it wasn't that bad.*

Also we were informed of the sad sad news that we had missed the bird watching. They went during the afternoon. I was, as you all can imagine, appropriately sad about this news. Right. Because I was SOOOO looking forward to it. But we also missed the champagne caves which I ACTUALLY would have liked to see! I've been consoled with the fact that we will definitely go there on our next trip.

Saturday we alternated between being lazy hanging out at the house and wine tasting.** I managed to control myself, or rather TheBoy managed to control me, and I only bought 4 bottles of wine! And this yummy fig balsamic vinegar. Mmmmm... Sunday we played mini-golf. Yes we did. And it was HOT! But fun. Then it was time for us to go home.

All in all an uneventful weekend. BUT I did have a really honest to goodness good time and there was no awkwardness or tension between me and TheBoy's Mom which is fantastic! I also was pretty excited about getting out of tennis! And bird watching. Though, truth be told, I'd rather go birding than play tennis. I'm just saying is all.

*Not that I had a lot of dinner (Pasta with cream sauce) or wine, but I digress.

**Where I DID drink wine. Y'all know.

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