Friday, September 16, 2005

My turn to rant!

Okay I get the honesty thing people. I do. And generally I appreciate honesty and I try to give honest answers to questions when asked. But since when did it become acceptable to insult someone and preface it with "Well honestly I thought..."??? It's not like at that point you can refute the other person's comments if it's what they honestly thought. But why be mean? I'm perfectly happy not knowing. I didn't ASK to know!

So you're probably wondering what caused this rant... This morning, for the SECOND TIME in 4 months, I had an "acquaintance" volunteer the information that they thought I was shallow, bitchy, and all manner of other degrading things when they first met me. Oh but they don't feel that way now, NOW they like me and realize I'm a nice person... So why bring it up? To hurt my feelings? Well congratulations - it worked!

Also, can I please point out that the shallow and bitchy generalizations about me came about because of the way I look!! Specifically the one today was because I'm blonde. Now I laugh along at the blonde jokes just like everyone else. They're funny. I get it. And I realize that there is a whole traumatizing stereo-type from high school about the popular blonde cheerleaders ganging up on everyone and making other girls feel miserable. I get that too.


So if some blonde bitch in high school made your life miserable please don't take it out on me.* Just because I'm blonde. Or because I was a cheerleader. I am sorry it happened. I am. But don't you think it's time to GET OVER IT? We've all been too many years out of High School to still be holding grudges. And taking those grudges out on innocent people.

~end rant~

*Unless that blonde bitch WAS me. In which case I sincerely apologize. And feel free to contact me.

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