Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Huge geek - HUGE!

So I'm totally in love with this series of books by Diana Gabaldon. Seriously, I've been hooked ever since I picked up the first book at a friend's house the summer before my senior year in High School. In fact, I don't think I ever gave that copy back! Whoops! I'll just add book-thief to my resume...

In case you're wondering what the point is to this post, a HUGE and HEAVY box just arrived on my desk from Barnes and Nobles! LOVE Barnes and Nobles y'all! And in that box was this:

The 6th book in the series - just released today! Wahoo!

Also, there might have been hardcover versions of the other 5 books. To replace the worn yet well-loved paperback editions I've read over and over and over... But shh... Whatever you do - don't mention it to TheBoy! He already thinks I have a book problem! Please? And please someone come help me smuggle this box into the house?

Also, any "friends of Tiffy" who would like to borrow the paperback versions of the first 5 books let me know. So that you too can be sucked into this fantastic love story of Claire and Jamie and the beautiful historical writing that takes us from post-WW2 London to the 18th century Scotland Highlands and on to the newly formed American Colonies.


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I'm addicted to B&N too. I just got my delivery with 12 books inside. I'm still waiting for the other 4 I ordered. I have a serious problem. LOL.

I've seen her books plenty of times in the romance section cause I read a lot of those, but never checked her out. Now I will. :)