Monday, September 26, 2005

Whale of a Tail

There's a little pub at the Bridge Bay Marina on Lake Shasta called Whale of a Tail. Normally we don't go to Bridge Bay because, frankly, that's where most of the tourists go to launch their boats as it's the most accessible marina right off of I5. And the people who don't go to Shasta all the time, who don't have a vested interest in keeping the lake beautiful and are generally just there for a one time trip? They're annoying. Generally they don't follow the basic boating rules. And you seem to get a lot more attitude at the Bridge Marina stores and gas docks.

So we generally launch our boat at Centimundi. And we use the Digger Bay Marina. Because not only do they know us well (Dawn, Doug and Jerry all have or had slips there for their boats) but it's more of the locals place to go. Not as big and fancy as Bridge... But nicer. Calmer. Less drama. It's like the equivalent of entering a club through the kitchen alley door because you're friends with the owner instead of waiting outside in line because you heard something about the club is awesome.

But we do like the pub. Usually after 2 or 3 days of camping we're ready to head into someplace with AC and drink ice cold beer out of real glasses. Plus the view from the top is awesome. Shows the Bridge (thus the name Bridge Bay - so clever), the Dam and sweeping views of the lake's shoreline. Really very fun.

So last month when the gang was up with us at Shasta we took them to the Wahle of a Tail on their last day... Yes, this is the same trip as the beer pong from below. Only 3 days, 100 degree + heat and lots of tequila later...

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