Monday, September 26, 2005

A case of the Mondays...

What movie is that from anyway? Office Space?


Could someone invent a fast forward button for days like today so I can skip right through the rest of this afternoon and plop my butt down on the couch with a well-deserved martini? And maybe watch last week's OC? Please?

And it's not just me! I know of at least 2 other "friends of Tiffy" who are having one of those days also... You know I'm not even sure what all it is that is bugging me today.

I have a feeling it's mostly due to the fact that the insomnia is back. IN FORCE.

(But in blogging news that means y'all will soon be getting tons o' posts and if Blogger wasn't having "technical difficulties" last night/this morning there would have been long over-due photos for your amusement.)

Insomnia SUCKS! Good for blogging - bad for Tiffy's mental health. I'm just saying, is all.

Although, I did have a fun fun weekend so maybe that's what is making Monday such a drag... Had a little quality time with my ladies on Friday night! (Pictures soon - Blogger - technical difficulties - remember?) Went to this new place in Mountain View called the Buddha Lounge. Used to be a pool hall which is weird but... It was fun. And long overdue!

Saturday I spent cleaning, which I know is not fun for most people but y'all, I'm not normal. We know this. And we love me anyway! I am a neat freak. Anal-retentively neat. Yes I am. LOVE to clean. The combined smells of PineSol, Windex and Endust just fill my little heart with joy. Seriously.

Saturday night consisted of Margaritas, Arrachera (sp?) and Dave and Mandi. Plus Mike. Weird how people are all growing up and having babies and stuff huh? The marriage thing I'm getting used to. But babies? Woah.

Yesterday we went sailing. Which was fantastic! (Again with the photos and Blogger but hopefully soon) I LOVE sailing! In fact I've actually decided that I pretty much like anything that involves a large body of water. I'm definitely a water chick. So so beautiful yesterday too. Love Sausalito! We even managed to get a bit of wind in the afternoon so we could, you know, sail a bit. Otherwise it was just sitting out in the Bay in the warm late-summer sun, drinking wine and chatting with TheBoy's family. Perfect.

Last night TheBoy and I took Angie and HerBoy to Hot Pot. Thanks to Christine for the introduction to Hot Pot! Yum! Good food, good company and Sake. Can you think of a more perfect way to end a weekend?

Yeah, me neither.

Commence the fast forwarding at any time.

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