Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Things that I am thankful for today.

1 - extremely patient and understanding hypothetcial boss* who thinks I'm wonderful even if I do make mistakes that annoy clients. And lose us money. Also, 1 very understanding and fantastic referral source who did not recommend my immediate firing.

1 - fantastic best friend who calms me down when I start to panic about the above hypothetical mistake. And promises to come drink martinis with me to make me feel better about this huge, gi-normous and also money-costing mistake.

1 - loving and patient TheBoy. Who loves me just as I am. Which is Crazy. Also maybe a little Neurotic. *ahem*

1 - pay day - coming soon!

1 - trip to Vegas! Coming very soon... Wahoo! Love you Vegas!

1 - perfectly good state of health. Because, y'all know, what is up with the illness! And I don't just mean the sniffles and flu bugs going around.** But also the serious and life-threatening kinds that seem to be spreading like... Well, like cancer. It's amazing how things like that put your life into perspective... I'm entering into a new phase in the evolution of Tiffy. The one that says, you know all this crap? Like work and money and house hunting and petty arguments and just general crap? That stuff doesn't matter. Not really. What matters is relationships. And health.

*Not that I am confirming or denying the existence of said job or boss. Just, y'all know, if I DID have a JOB and a BOSS that this HYPOTHETICAL BOSS would be awesome. And understanding.

**On that note - is it socially acceptable to carry Lysol in one's hands at all times so that you could randomly spray sick people, like the guy a few cubes over who is currently trying to maintain possession of his left lung? Because I don't want to be sick. Y'all know.


Anonymous said...

great post. those are all definitely things to be grateful for.

Liz said...

I love you too BestFriend. :) And I second the WOOOHOOOO Vegas, can't wait.