Monday, September 19, 2005

Rant - Part 2

I fully blame the fact that I feel like crap as to why these little things are annoying me so much... And if I end up with a full-fledged flu bug y'all can expect lots of grumbling and griping from me. I'm like a man! I can't be sick!


But seriously. I do have another gripe. And all of my non-married friends out there can back me up... First things first. It is never okay to ask someone why they aren't getting married / haven't gotten married. Are we agreed that this is a personal and somewhat sensitive topic? Good.

Let me outline the following conversation that I had with a SmugMarried, ala Bridget Jones, a few days ago...

SM: Well are you and TheBoy thinking about getting married any time soon?

Me: Nope.

SM: Wow, really?

Me: (can you please keep the shock out of your voice?) Yep.

SM: Well are you okay with that?

Me: (aren't you noticing the mono-syllabic responses?) Yes.

SM: Well he's right, you know.

Me: (Are you still talking?) Mmmm?

SM: Marriage doesn't change anything.

Me: Hm.

SM: Not a thing.

Me: (Losing my patience) Well to me it would. It would change lots of things.

SM: It really doesn't, believe me. Doesn't feel any different at all.

Me: (Who are you trying to convince here?) Really? Then why the hell did you get married?

SM: Err... Well...

Me: Because forgive me for being blunt but... It's really easy for you to sit on that side of the fence and tell me the grass isn't greener isn't it?

Me (again): If you really don't think marriage changes anything then you wouldn't have gotten married would you?

SM: Well... I was just saying...

Me: Well don't.


See. Do you see how I can be nice and well mannered in one moment and in the next just... NOT? Seriously though. A girl has limits. And I did apologize next time I saw her. And to her credit she didn't make me feel like the slime bag I am for snapping at her.

But honestly. Was there some point in the above conversation where you would have just dropped the subject? Anyone? Is it just me? I mean clearly this is not an appropriate conversation topic right? I don't even discuss these things with my closest girlfriends!

I'm off to go buy some more EmergenC. And Tylenol.

~end rant~


Liz said...

I would like to add a few topics that should never be spoken to single girls:

1. I can't believe you don't have a boyfriend.

2. How are things? Have a boyfriend yet?

Seriously these are rude questions.

laurie said...

Or my favorite: "So, did your husband cheat on you?"

Because the best thing to ask a woman going through a divorce is DETAILED PERSONAL QUESTIONS about how her life managed to go to crap.

(Just letting you know that smug marrieds also like to torture the newly single, as well...)(p.s. love your blog!)