Monday, February 27, 2006

Donner Party 2006


So you born and bread California types might not believe this but… I had only a passing knowledge of who the Donner party* was or what happened to them. It’s not exactly “news” in other parts of the country. You know. But I did have some idea that they were either from or settled near Donner Lake. And also that there was cannibalism, I’m not sure why.**

TheBoy and I trekked up to Michele’s cabin at Donner Lake this past weekend with Michele, Cate and Shawn. Much fun was had by all. One of the activities of the weekend was a trip to the Donner museum. Seeing that exhibit really made me reflective on how much the human spirit (and body!) can really endure. TheBoy and I were STILL talking about it on the way home last night.

Also, the five of us went ice skating at the top of Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Seriously the most expensive ice skating ever because you have to take the gondola tram thing up to the top first but… The view! SO fun! And ice skating outside is just more fun than going round and round in some sort of pseudo-gymnasium thing. Somehow a full on snowball fight got started in which Ryan made a new girlfriend. Seriously! I was getting worried y’all. Except she was like 10. You know.

Other than that the weekend was spent eating and drinking and playing many rounds of Jenga. Who’s idea was it that the person who knocked over the stack had to take a shot? I think we need to examine that logic! And since all of my friends are closet gourmet chefs – and Michele is no exception – the food was excellent! Although, I don’t think she was as worried as I am about the size of my ass… But whatever. So good! And calories don’t count on vacation do they? This was technically a vacation.

AND I took pictures! Yay me! I unfortunately forgot to bring the cable with me to work today so I can’t SHOW you any of the pictures but… I have them! Lots of them! I promise I will try to remember the cable for tomorrow. Good times y’all.

*For those of you other non-California types you can read about the Donner party here.

**Why I knew about the cannibalism, not why they resorted to cannibalism.

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Michele said...

I don't think there are any calories in food at altitude!