Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Habit Forming

By now y’all all know that I am anal retentive. And yet oddly enough, some of you are still reading this! So it’s probably no surprise that I have a palm pilot. And in my palm pilot I carefully plot out work out plans and meals and such. I also tally calories but that a whole separate post.

Yesterday’s calendar entry looked like this:

5:00 am – ½ Banana
5:30 am to 6:30 am – Boot Camp
6:30 am – ½ Banana
10:00 am – NF Yogurt
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm – Lunch with Mom
12:00 pm – Grilled Eggplant and Red Pepper Sandwich
2:00 pm – Orange
4:30 pm – Go to Sees
6:00 pm – Go to Gym
8:00 pm – Turkey and Black Bean Enchiladas

Okay I think I just scared myself.

But wait there was a point to this… Oh right. So given the extremely AR scheduling above you can imagine how not amused I am when something happens to throw off my schedule. It completely derails my train if you will.

Take yesterday. I should have left work at 4:30, picked up TheBoy at 4:45, picked up the items I needed at Sees and been home in plenty of time to change and be at the gym by 6:00.

Shockingly, it didn’t quite go that way. I got off work a little after 5:30 and when I went to go pick up TheBoy he was at the pub with a friend we haven’t seen in awhile (the one that introduced us in fact). Of course I had to stay for a pint. I might have had two. TheBoy had like 5. On our way home, because I had completely abandoned any idea of going to Sees, TheBoy did some drunk dialing. Yes he did. Next thing I know we’re having a mini party at our place. On Monday night. Score!

Needless to say, I didn’t get the candy I needed and have added that to the to-do list for today, I didn’t go to the gym and I didn’t have the nutritious Turkey and Black bean enchiladas for dinner.

What I DID do is drink beer (bad), take shots of Apple Jack (worse), eat pot stickers and Top Ramen for dinner (worst) and generally just have a fabulous time. All because I had to work an hour late. See? Do you see what happens when you mess with the schedule? I’m just saying…

Oh and there might have been Twister involved. Because that’s the way we roll over at ChezGhetto y’all.


Michele said...

Too funny! I see you were careful in which pics you selected to post.

Liz said...

Yes you completely bailed on your gym partnes, seeing you asked me if we were going to the gym !

kate said...

how fun! lol. you should get derailed off your schedule more often tiff.

Becky said...

Tiff i wish I could be as anal as you...that doesn't sound good but you know what I mean.

No fair i want to play!

Tiffany said...

Michele - I figured no one would thank me for posting a picture of their butt crack or bra!

Liz - I'm sorry!

Kate - It's always fun when I do it but I feel trememndously guilty after!

Becky - If you're ever in CA darlin...