Thursday, February 02, 2006

Resolution Update

February 2nd. So it’s been 32 days since the New Year. Now normally I would have already forgotten what my New Year’s resolutions were by now. But this year? I have a blog! And I posted them here for all the world* to see, hoping that it would keep me accountable and stuff.

Not to say that I actually remembered all of my resolutions… But I did remember the general gist of them and I have been working on them. So I went back this morning to check to see what I actually wrote and I’m pleased to say I’m making progress! Yay me!

And now I’m going to share my progress with all of you whether you care or not because in March I’ll look back and be able to see the progress I made in February. Because after all I figure I’m the main reader of this blog anyway… It’s all about me baby!

~ Working out and losing 12 pounds.
Well first of all I actually bit the bullet and got my ass on the scale to see what kind of damage I’d done during the holidays and realized that it’s actually more like 18 pounds left to lose. Disappointing but… Still totally doable. I just keep reminding myself how far I’ve come already. Plus it’s better for me if I’m realistic with myself.

As for the working out bit, I have actually made huge amounts of progress. I signed back up for Boot Camp. Can you believe I actually missed it? Crazy. Also, I’ve been working out at the gym at least 3 times a week (usually more) AND I’ve started taking yoga classes. LOVE yoga y’all! Seriously, if I could be that relaxed all the time? Awesome. Also, it’s nice because I’m already starting to see the benefits of it in my flexibility and balance. Y’all know I needed the help in the balance area – total klutz over here!

~ Enter / compete in a couple 10K and/or ½ marathons.
It’s not the racing season yet so I have some time on this one.

~ Sensible eating plan.
Check. I would say I’ve been very good at following the plan from the nutritionist over the last month. Sure I’ve given myself a couple of treats here and there but… A girl has to live right? It’s been strange incorporating more carbs into my diet though. I totally bought into that “carbs are evil” trend a few years back and even now that I know better I still feel guilty!

~ Enroll in school.
This is a post unto itself. Let’s just say this one is not going so well.

~ Become debt free. Stick to budget. Limit frivolous purchases. Bring lunch from home.
I’m feeling pretty good about my start to this one. I cut up both of my credit cards (though I did get a new AmEx in the mail the next day, which I took as a sign that I should maybe have that one for a rainy day) and haven’t really bought anything frivolous. Well except plane tickets to Maui. But y’all know. That was for my sanity! And I’m very good about bringing my lunch from home.

~ Limit alcoholic consumption.
Bwaaaaaaaah Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Whew! Yeah. I forgot I even put that on there. Whooooo! That was good for a laugh!

~ Be positive and enthusiastic.
Check. I’m definitely feeling the positive outlook on life these days.

~ Regular sleep schedule.
Odd how waking up at 5 am for boot camp sort of forces you in to a regular sleep pattern. Well by “regular” I mean regular for me. I try to be in bed by 9:30 or 10:00 on weeknights. Whether or not I am sleeping depends on the night. But at least I’m making an effort!

~ Resist urge to cut hair.
Check. So far so good. Though is it bad that I’ve worn some form of a pony tail to work every day this week?

~ Not take friends and family for granted – show them how much they mean to me.
Hmmm… Not sure I can really say how I’ve done on this one. I mean I’ve been trying to do it sure. But as to whether or not my friends and family are feeling loved and appreciated I can’t say.

~ Spend more time with my mother.
DOH! I’m calling that woman today and putting something in the calendar. I am a bad daughter!

~ Be in better contact with friends.
Right. (she types with one hand as she furiously adds names to her to–do list for today) Does it count for anything that I’ve been thinking about people I need to e-mail or call? No? Okay well check with my next month – I’m definitely going to work on this one.

~ Try two new things.
Hmmm… I suppose I should start thinking about which new things I want to try huh? Again, check with me in March.

*all 4 of you


Anonymous said...

at least you still remember that you have resolutions. i'm still working on mine.

Liz said...

I feel loved ;) Also you have done well with the spending, seeing as I am hell bent on making you come shopping with me.

Becky said...

Good for you Tiff. You goals are alot like mine. We can do it! I am a shopaholic. I think if I got around you and Liz I would be in even more trouble. Keep it up, stay on the treadmill. Its good for body and soul!

erikhnh said...

Don't worry hun, You are not the main reader of this!