Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Walking on Sunshine*

I am having a good day. No, I’m having a GREAT day! I have no idea why. I don’t know who or what caused it… It’s just one of those days you know? Hell I even got a parking ticket this morning and it hasn’t dampened my mood!

Maybe it’s a combination of things. Like the awesome 70+ degree weather outside? Or the fact that I am wearing a dress today that I haven’t been able to zip up, much less breathe in, for over 2 years? Maybe it’s the excitement of my trip to Vegas in 3 days? Who knows.

But I certainly hope this lasts… I’m loving it!


I used to think maybe you loved me
now baby, I'm sure.
And I just can't wait till the day when you knock on my door.
Now every time I go for the mailbox
got to hold myself down.
'Cause I just can't wait
till you write me you're coming around.

Now I'm walking on sunshine
I'm walking on sunshine
I'm walking on sunshine
and don't it feel good?

I used to think maybe you loved me
now I know that it's true.
And I don't want to spend my whole life just a waiting for you.
Now I don't want you back for the weekend
not back for a day.
I said baby
I just want you back and I want you to stay.

I'm walking on sunshine
I'm walking on sunshine
And don't it feel good?

Walking on sunshine - walking on sunshine.
I feel alive
I feel in love
I feel a love that's really real.


*Because there is nothing like a little Katrina and the Waves to liven up your workday.


Anonymous said...

i'm so happy that yo're happy! it's contagious. have a great trip to vegas tiff.

Becky said...

Wow, i'm so not in the mood today, but after reading your post I'm going to try to walk on some sunshine right now. i have no clue what that means, but it sounded good!