Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

Forgive the blog silence but I think I might be just now getting over my hang over from this weekend. So yeah. Of course I don’t have the cord thingy to my camera today so I can’t post any pictures but here is my brief (ha!) weekend update.

71/2 hours driven Friday night to Vegas
1 trip to the grocery store to stock the fridge with booze and food
3 rounds of King’s Cup played in hotel room until 4:30 am
22 hours I was awake in a row y’all!
1 trip to Fremont Street on Saturday
1 yard sized hurricane drank by yours truly
1 lazer light show finally seen by TheBoy on his 3rd trip to Vegas
1 totally awesome dueling pianos show – but y’all know that IS my favorite!
1 trip to the Sahara to see the Nascar exhibit
1 time TheBoy did the virtual race thing
1 time we rode the roller coaster
50 hot wings ordered at Hooters (1/2 911 and ½ 3 mile island – the two hottest sauces)
2 pitchers of beer drank (one each) by TheBoy and German – with a straw
1 totally awesome discovery of Kahunaville at Treasure Island
1 time I forgot my ID at the room and had to pay $50 for a round trip cab ride to go get it
63 roughly the number of songs I shook my ass to on the dance floor
1 walk over to a club called The Beach which sucked
1 cab ride back to Kahunaville where we partied all night long
2 new “friends” made at Kahunaville
1 time Catherine had to go topless in the ladies while I sewed her top
1 after party bar went to with new “friends”
17 number of blisters I have from dancing!
3 days my neck has been sore from the roller coaster and rock star dance moves
11 hours driven home on Monday (took longer due to hang over)

Okay that’s about all I can remember for now – I’ll post pics soon.

Of course the most EXCITING news of the weekend was the, not one but, TWO engagements announced by friends of Tiffy! A huge heartfelt congratulation goes out to Michele and John who got engaged on Saturday and to Angie and Erik who got engaged on Monday!

Love you guys!


kate said...

sounds like you had a great time tiff. can't wait to see the pics.

and i can't believe everyone's getting engaged. is something in the water?

Liz said...

Yes and I am not drinking it LOL