Friday, November 04, 2005

The land of the living...

Sorry for my blog silence yesterday. I was battling a major fever / headache combo and just wasn't up to blogging. I did, however, attempt to upload photos from Sin... It took about 4 hours to upload 3 photos! Stupid blogger! I'll attempt re-sizing the photos and trying again this weekend.

For having just gotten over being sick - it seems I have quite the fully loaded weekend coming up. It's TheBoy's brother's birthday party tonight - luau themed and in San Francisco. I should have some interesting pictures of the boys in grass skirts and coconut bras to entertain you with next week.

Saturday night we are planning a girls' night out to the Saddle Rack! There will be cheap beer and cute cowboys to be had by all. We'll call it continued birthday celebrations for Carrie, Christine and Christal. (Did anyone notice that all their names start with C? And they are all celebrating their 30th birthdays within a month of each other? Crazy...)

Also on Saturday we are going out to meet TheBoy's Mom and Mom's Boyfriend to take another look at the house in Livermore that we are trying to buy. The sellers come back from their vacation on Sunday so we're hoping to hear something soon. I know all y'alls fingers must be sore by now but don't uncross them yet! I'll be sure to have updates as soon as I know anything!

Sunday is for sleep. I hope. And probably laundry. So exciting I know.

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