Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Weekend Recap

I know this is a day late but good Lord I've been busy busy busy... And to top it all off this morning I woke up feeling totally sick! I didn't realize it at first because frankly, waking up at 5 am and then working my ass off at boot camp frequently makes me feel nauseous. I even managed to get up and dressed and drive all the way to the park before I got sick! DOH!

So of course now I feel groggy and crappy but I am determined to get over this. I. Will. Not. Get. Sick. Seriously y'all, I do NOT have the time! I have a baby shower that I am doing some food for tonight, a birthday party at my house on Thursday and a birthday party for TheBoy's brother on Friday night in SF. So tell me, where in all of that can I fit in a little stomach flu?


Is it bad that it's Tuesday and I'm already looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning? Yes? Oh well.

But anyway, I hope all of you out there had a fantastic Halloween! My actual Halloween was pretty quiet... Filled with food prep for the baby shower. But I did manage to swing by Ugly's for a cocktail or two with Angie, Erik and Carrie.

We didn't have ANY trick or treat-ers! Not a single one! Of course Angie was super kind to point out that ChezGhetto is not really in a neighborhood that would have a lot of children out and about. At night. By themselves. (Thanks Ang!) But I figured at least a few kids would come by from the complex across the way.

So between Sin two weekends ago and Reno last weekend I think it is safe to say that I am officially Halloween-ed out. I'll post pictures from both weekends in the next day or two. As soon as I find a minute to download the photos off of my camera! In the meantime here's my weekend recap:

4 hours driven to Reno on Friday night
2 sugar free Red Bulls drank on the drive
2 dueling pianos at the bar Friday night
1 tequila shot I could NOT take at the bar because it was yucky well tequila
4 beers drank at bar
12 times I got caught by the piano players singing along at the top of my lungs
10 women wearing very skimpy "costumes" that really shouldn't have
3 women who actually looked hot in their lingerie, er... costumes
3 jello shots taken at German's apartment in Reno
3 or 4 more beers drank at the apartment after the bar
24 hours Tiffy stayed up before passing out early Saturday morning
4 hours of sleep I managed to get Saturday morning
1 nap I took while the boys went to Happy hour Saturday afternoon
1 yummy German dinner Saturday
3 beers drank while getting dressed for costume party
1 jello shot taken as "dessert"
2 hours it took me to get both myself and TheBoy dressed for the party
1,356 boobies I saw on full dispay at the party
1,192 number of boobies that really SHOULDN'T have been on display
3 number of women who were working to dance pole like professionals
1 couple that was full on going at it in a booth at the party
5 beers drank while at the party
1 girl wearing my same costume at the party (but I looked cuter!)
1 late night / early morning dinner
7 hours of sleep Sunday morning
4 hour drive home Sunday afternoon
3 loads of laundry done Sunday night
1 very tired Tiffy!

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