Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Readers Beware! This is a long one...

Stolen from Liz. And oh my goodness did it take forever to complete!

how old do you feel?

Usually I feel older than my actual age (which is 26). But sometimes I can act much younger! I alternate between feeling upset that I haven't accomplished more by this age and being pretty happy that I have turned out the way I have thus far.

where were you September 11th, 2001?

Well when I first heard about it I was listening to my walkman at the gym. Remember when they thought it was a mistake on the airlines part? When the first tower fell I had just gotten out of the shower. The second tower fell on my way to work. I spent that entire morning watching the footage on the TV at the house I was holding open on broker tour. And I got laid off from the best job I'd ever had the next day.*

what do you believe is the meaning of life?

To have no regrets. Also, to try to have a positive impact on everything and everyone that you come into contact with. And to give back something of yourself.

why is the sky blue?

Something about sunlight hitting the earth's atmosphere and scattering the light and blue is the only color that reflects out of the rainbow... Or something like that. Science is NOT my strongest subject.

what is your favorite thing to cook?

Something new. The excitement for me about cooking is being able to try new things and new techniques. I also like cooking things that I know are people's favorites. Call it instant gratification!

you have only a dollar to your name...

I better be using it to print up resumes! Or on gas to drive to a job interview!

what would your last meal be?

OMG I love food so much I think if I actually thought that a meal was going to be my last I'd panic! There is no way I could choose just one thing!

But let's see if I had to try I'd say... A perfect bruschetta with summer ripe tomatoes and fresh baked bread to start. Then a bowl of Frenchh onion soup with a wilted spinach salad with a tangy vinaigrette next. Followed by a tangy chile verde, fresh guacamole, spicy hot salsa and fresh corn tortillas. Then I'd maybe move on to a fantastic filet mignon - perfectly prepared just shy of medium rare - with a mushroom sauce and a fully loaded baked potato. For desert I'd have a fresh blackberry cobbler - just like my grandma makes and still warm from the oven with cream not ice cream on top.

Damn I'm hungry now!

what is the youngest age you have memories of?

I don't know. I don't really have clear memories of anything from childhood. I remember driving with my grandpa to the beach in Oregon in his truck I called the "blue goose" but I don't know how old I was. Also for the longest time I had these memories of a beautiful woman with blonde hair. My mother had no idea who this woman could have been but I always talked about her! I thought she was the most wonderful thing ever. A few years ago my grandma was showing me pictures of my mom from when she was younger and that was the woman in my memories! My mom used to dye her red hair blonde! But when I called my mom to share the solved mystery she said there is no way I could remember that because she stopped dying her hair blonde when I was just a wee baby! Who knows!

what is your favorite thing in the world?

Being surrounded by my family and friends, eating a great meal, drinking some great wine and laughing so hard that we're sore the next day.

have you ever punched someone on purpose?

Um yeah... Okay between this and the ski pole story y'all are going to think I am violent! I only did it once? And I ended up being really good friends with the girl after...? Does that help?

do you know what color chartreuse is close to?

Green? I think it's kind of a greenish-yellow?

did you like garbage pail kids?

I actually didn't! I thought they were so gross! I think it's one of those things that had to come with age.

why do we have daylight savings time?

To make better use of daylight. I know Ben Franklin was a proponent. I want to say it had something to do with farming.

what living person would you want to meet?

I don't know... Lately I've been kind of toying with the idea of getting in contact with my biological father. I'm not sure there are any celebrities or anything I'd want to meet. Not that I'd turn down an opportunity... I just don't think I'd go out of my way to meet someone. Except maybe Martha Stewart. So okay then, my father and Martha Stewart.

what dead person?

This list is much easier! Shakespeare. Queen Elizabeth I. Lady Diana.

where in the world would you live if you could?

Somewhere by a beach. Preferably somewhere warm. Hawaii comes to mind. Or Italy. Greece.

who is your favorite artist?

Hmm... Maybe Bob Dylan?

who has had the most influence on you (good or bad)?

Good = my mother. She's my rock. I don't know how she made do with what she had when it was just me and her and yet somehow she did. And I didn't realize the sacrifices she was making until I was much much older.

Bad = My biological father for making me feel unimportant. Also, assorted ex-boyfriends for various reasons. It's amazing how people can screw with your psyche!

what is your favorite dessert?

I'm not a big dessert person... But I love fresh fruit pies, cobblers and tarts. It's the best part of summer for me!

do you know your personality type (the 16 type profiles)

No. Is this a specific test? Where would I find it... anyone know? Might be fun to check out.

what age is your favorite so far in your life?

It's a toss up between maybe 8 or so and right now.

can you make cookies from scratch?

Yep. I'd be a sad excuse for a caterer if I couldn't!

was the chicken first or the egg?

The chicken.

hershey or nestle?

Neither. I'm not a big chocolate fan but if I am going to indulge I like Scharffen Berger!

night out or night in?

Both are nice - it depends on my mood. I'd have to say though that honestly I'm much more inclined towards a night in.

single forever with a great family or no family and your soulmate?

This question goes along with everything I disagree with about the term "soul mate" by implying that you only have one soul-mate.

what is your favorite scented candle?

Hmm.. Vanilla probably. I like Gardenia but it can get overwhelming.

what type of underwear do you prefer?

Thong or G-String.

do you ever wear a wife beater?

Nope. I don't like the way they look on me.

if you could live in a store which one would it be?

One of those Target Great Lands. They have clothing, food, and toiletries. Plus excercise and sporting equipment for when I get bored and books, music, and movies! What else could a girl need?

can you eat a dozen donuts in one sitting?

Maybe if they were those mini chocolate or powdered ones. But then I'm sure I'd be sick! In fact I can usually barely finish the 6 that come in a package without being sick!

what is your favorite curse word?


your favorite regular word?


have you ever read/tried to read the bible?

I've read a lot of it. I tried one year to read the entire thing... My church passed out this calendar thing which broke it out into a little bit for each day. But I never made it through.

have you ever heard of yahoo?

The search engine? Or a name for someone who is crazy?

who do you dislike most in the world?

I like that this question said "dislike" instead of hate. Hate is such a strong word! I donÂ’t know that there is anyone I hate. But I do dislike people. Like old Dubya.

what is your ideal date?

Something outside like a picnic on the beach or a bike ride through a vineyard or something... Fun music, great conversation, something low-key and relaxed.

what is your favorite shape?

Not quite sure what the point is of this question?? I've never really thought about shapes before... I like things that are random not perfect and orderly like squares or triangles.

can you eat just one chip?

Potato chips? Yes - no problem. Chips with salsa? No way!

where is the farthest you've ever been from home?

Cancun, Mexico

what is your desktop background?

Yellow tulips - but I keep meaning to change it!

what song do you identify with most?

I think this answer changes daily! Right now I'm really into What? by Antigone Rising.

Lost inside the pattern
of those who'll never matter
speak to you of freedom, rage is getting fatter
Empty as your beer can
crush me you're a mad man
Hanging on to history of hate in your hand

(chorus) What can I say
to pull you from behind?
What can I say
to make you change your mind?

I know what you're thinking
you believe in nothing
Hollow eyes say you're not whole
and you're not bluffing
Now we can't ignore you
now we can't afford to
standing on your chest are those that go before you

(chorus) What can I say
to turn water into wine?
What can I say
to make you change your mind?

Your anger looks so ugly like a handprint in the icing
on one more forgotten birthday of the child no one noticed
Lay the belt upon the table
hope for punishment that's better than the silence that surrounds you
and the love that never found you

(chorus) What can I say
to leave your hands untied?
What can I say
to turn water into wine?
What can I say
to make you change your mind?

has someone ever intentionally put food on you?

Yep. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

what color is your favorite?


what color do you feel represents you?


do you believe in God?


have you ever broken a bone?

Yes. A wrist bone.

have you ever shut someone's fingers in a door?

No - but I shut the cat's tail in the door once! I felt like I'd kicked a baby!

would you rather be honest/poor or a liar/rich?


what is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten and hated?

Uni (sea urchin)

what is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten and liked?

See... My definition of "weird foods" and other people's are different. I can't think of anything I'd call weird.

what is your ideal ice cream creation?

Banana split - with extra banana if possible and extra nuts!

if you could marry someone from a movie (the character not actor)

Jake Perry from Sweet Home Alabama

what is your favorite thing to do?

Read. Cook. Hang out with the Fab 5. Wakeboard.

what is your favorite junk food?

I'm not a big junk food junkie. I do like me some Taco Bell though!

what is the longest you've gone without talking to anyone?

Someone I knew? 3 days. Anyone at all? Maybe a few hours.

what is your favorite board game?


your favorite book?

Oh too hard! I love books! There are so so many!

do you know how to change a tire?

Yep - I think it's something all women should know how to do.

would you consider yourself a geek?

LOL - yes.

what movie could you watch over and over again?

Gone with the Wind. Dirty Dancing. Top Gun. Flashdance. Center Stage.

have you ever eaten paste?

I don't recall. Probably. I was an adventurous child!

have you ever gone to the bathroom in front of someone?

Yep. When Mother Nature calls I'm not one to ask her to wait.

what is your ideal halloween costume?

Something without wings!

what toy have you always wanted and never gotten?

Um... I have no clue! I know I really wanted an Easy Bake Oven when I was little.

what item could you not go without during the day?


do you consider yourself a smart person?

I think I have some book smarts, but not so much in the way of practical smarts. I'd like to think I'm constantly learning though.

have you ever peed in a pool?

Yes. Shhhh...

who was your first crush?

Ross Wells - in the 5th grade.

who was your first love?

I would have to say that Ry and I are the first experience I've had with real love... You know the kind that is there for you no matter what - through thick and thin - accepting the good and the bad because that's who makes you, you.

What I thought was love in the past was either infatuation bordering on obsession on my part (with one) and conditional based on my behavior and ability to change into what he wanted (with the other).

do you close your eyes when you listen to music?

Yes. Sometimes. But never in the car!

how old were you when life was the hardest?

19 or 20. I wanted desperately to change things but I couldn't see my way out of the darkness so to speak.

do you eat the burnt chips?

Um, no. Ew.

do you still have your baby blanket?

One of them. I don't know if it's my baby blanket but it's the one I used for nap time in Kindergarten.

is there anything you HAVE to do everyday?

Eat? Bathe? I suppose I have to have a few moments of me time.

do you curse in front of family?

Yes. My poor mother wonders where she went wrong!

what is your favorite tv show ever?

Punky Brewster. 90210. Friends. Simpsons. (in order of appearance)

if you HAD to get back with and ex who would it be?

Assuming that person wanted to get back together with me? LOL - I am a firm believer in not recycling the exes!

when was the last time you felt truly loved by someone?

Every day. Thank God for my friends and family!

what character trait would you change about yourself?

Sometimes I get panicky when I have to meet new people. I call it TheCrazy. If that went away I wouldn't mind. Also, I wish I could just be happy with the way things are.

3 wishes... go (no world peace. things that are possible)

Are these things possible? If they were possible wouldn't they not be wishes but reality? Just asking... But here go mine: To be happily married to my soul mate, to own a successful restaurant, and to make enough money to be able to travel when I want, own my own home and send my children to whatever college and provide them with whatever classes they'd like.

have you ever passed out?


have you ever slapped yourself in the face?

Nope. Why would someone do that?

have you been in a car accident that was your fault?

Yes. I was young. And not paying attention.

you have to give up 1 of your 5 senses (smell, sight, touch, sound, taste):


favorite line from a song?

"and oh, man did I look cheesy" from 19-Something by Mark Wills.

favorite line from a movie?

"I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy. Come on, squishy. Come on, little squishy. Ow! Bad squishy, bad squishy." from Finding Nemo.

what do you do when the power goes out?

If I'm at work I pray it stays out so I can go home! If I'm at home I curl up with some candles and a glass of wine. Sometimes I take a bath. I love being in the dark!

*The best job I had ever had until maybe this one. Not that I am acknowledging that I a job or anything... Just if I did, it's pretty awesome.


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Ok, I commented on this post earlier in the morning and now it's not here. I don't know what happened to it.

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Love the song, btw.

Tiffany said...

Can't wait to read your answers Kate - be sure to leave a lot of time!

I love Antigone Rising - they are my favorite band d'jour.