Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Look what I found!

I realize this particular MeMe went around MONTHS ago... I copied it and saved it to do later. And, well, now it's later. I actually found it when I was going in to update my budget. Wahoo! Budget time! Actually normally that statement would be laced with enough sarcasm that even those of you who don't know the real me would get the point loud and clear. But now? Since I've paid off my car? And the last of the student loans*? Budget time is so, so exciting!

What/who makes you:

Laugh the hardest: My girlfriends, especially Liz, she just gets me. Sometimes I think we frighten TheBoy!

So mad you wanna punch a baby: Punch a BABY? That’s wrong! I think I can safely say I’ve never been THAT mad.

Really really truly happy: Being at the lake, a clean house, waking up with my boys next to me (TheBoy and TheCat – don’t get any weird ideas!)

Jealous: When someone else is getting the attention or credit for something that I feel is rightfully mine.

Act like an asshole: Jealousy.

Think: My friends. Songs on the radio.

Feel all warm and fuzzy inside: An unexpected hug from TheBoy.

Cringe: When people say things without their “filter” and inadvertantly hurt someone’s feelings.

Roll your eyes: People letting their children run like rampant beasts.

Feel inadequate: LOL! Practically everything!

Feel superior: Nothing.

Appreciate your life as it is right now: My friends. We’re all here together so it can’t be that bad. Right?

*For a degree I still have yet to finish... It's a sad, sad thing really.

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Liz said...

You get me too.