Monday, November 14, 2005

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

I saw a reference to the Sound of Music on TV yesterday and I've had the "Favorite Things" song stuck on repeat in my head all day today! I suppose there are worse things... I'm actually feeling pretty good today. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as the overwhelming work goes, I committed to a weight loss goal and the trainer from boot camp thinks it is totally do-able, and TheBoy and I are more comfortable and relaxed around each other than we have been in weeks.

Good things all around. Maybe that's why the "Favorite Things" song is prompting a post about... You guessed it, my favorite things. As opposed to, you know, annoying the heck out of me and everyone with in earshot. It's fun to have a good feeling day. Especially after the disaster that was last week! And Thanksgiving is just around the corner... Which kicks off my favorite time of year. I just love the holidays!

So I'm compiling a list of my favorite things. I'm sure I'll add to it as there is no way I could cover everything in one sitting! Feel free to add your own favorites to my list.


Those first few minutes you are awake and warm in bed before you have to get up into the cold of your bedroom.

Having an awesome work out, one where you leave drenched in sweat.

When my cat tries to climb up my leg because he wants to be snuggled. And how he puts his little nose on mine - I taught him to "kiss" when he was a kitten and he still does it!

Skinny jeans. Or more importantly - being able to fit into the skinny jeans up easily. Or, as I recently discovered, turning your skinny jeans into fat day jeans and buying new skinny jeans in a smaller size!

The smell of wood burning fireplaces on a cold night.

Watching the sun rise and knowing the day ahead has infinite possibilities.

Finally saying something you've been holding inside, and having those feelings justified by the one person you thought wouldn't understand.

Hot chocolate made from scratch after a cold day's outing.

Waking up in your sleeping bag, listening to the sounds outside and realizing that you are blissfully alone (except for your campmates) and the world is so much bigger than anything you could possibly imagine.

Shooting stars.

Nights with friends spent sharing stories and laughing so hard that your cheeks / stomach hurt the next morning.

Running - long, even strides pounding out a rhythm on the pavement in time to your heart beat. Also, being healthy enough to run.

The smell of dinner cooking when you walk up to someone's door.

Pine trees.

Making lists. Then, crossing things off of the lists and feeling accomplished.

Newly sharpened #2 pencils and a brand new spiral notebook filled with blank pages.

Driving in my car with the top down and my hair blowing in the wind. Thank God the wind-blown look is considered "in".

Baseball games with hot dogs, peanuts and $7 beers. The 7th inning stretch.

Planning, shopping for and cooking a meal for friends who appreciate it all the more because they know how much you worked to make it perfect for them.

Skinny dipping.

Running barefoot in the grass.

Finishing a great novel. One that made you laugh out loud and cry silent tears.

The first pedicures in the spring when it's starting to be warm enough to wear sandals again.

Picking blackberries for cobbler on the side of the road and eating roughly half of the sun-warmed berries before they even make it to your basket.

Knowing smiles shared between old friends.



ran said...

I love it when that song gets stuck in my head. It is the only song I don't get annoyed about as it plays over and over again. When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad...I had a great post the other night but I didn't put my url in so I guess it went poof...thanks for boosting my spirits this morning...I found out last night one of my best friends from HS is battling cancer...and another a heart condition...After talking to both for over an hour and catching up on years gone by...I felt blessed...Both are doing well for now...

The AOW HD is really getting on my nerves...what a mess...I hope it is going well for you...Well, at least I now have a job through March...instead of Dec 31...

I think you are truly "in love"...

I need your advice...

Tiffany said...

Ran - When I click on the link to your name it doesn't pull up a blog - only a webpage?

I'm sorry to hear about your friends. I have had a similar experience with a couple friends and family members battling serious diseases this year as well.

The AOW HD? Don't even mention it - it's so frustrating for us! I can't even imagine what it must be like on your end! But good news on the extension of your job!

I feel very "in love"...

What advice?

Liz said...

Apparently Mr.Happy didn't stop over at my house last night, though he hit yours and Kate's. So you can imagine , I will not be posting anything like this. Though I might post a " Things I dread" list. What do you think??

Tiffany said...

Liz - LOL! Have you already forgotten my "Wah! People said MEAN things to me!" post of last week?