Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Do you see what happens when all of my friends leave town and TheBoy is sick so we haven't even gone out with the few people who are in town that normally aren't??? I go crazy! And maybe do every single MeMe I had saved "for a rainy day" all at once in some ginormous blog post!

Also, I have recently (within the last few hours) developed a nasty cough for which I am planning on murdering TheBoy later. Grrrr... I was really looking forward to a good long work out tonight too!


Well enjoy none the less. This will be added to the list of posts that are more than you ever needed to know.


my name is: Tiffany

childhood ambition: to be a dancer or pop star

fondest memory: summers in Mississippi with Jim or trips to the Oregon coast with my mom

soundtrack: I have a perpetual internal soundtrack – lately it’s got a bit of Kelly Clarkson, some Antigone rising, and Faith Hill on it…

retreat: a beach, any beach – preferably warm weather

wildest dream: to open my own restaurant, to get married, to own my own home

proudest moment: finishing the SF Marathon in July – even if I had to limp across the finish line!

biggest challenge: trying to juggle everything I want to accomplish

alarm clock: annoying beep-y sound

perfect day: waking up early, coffee and stretching before a nice long run, making breakfast for TheBoy and I, something outdoors like hiking, hanging out at the beach or wheeling and then coming home to plan, prep, and cook a huge dinner for all of our friends with lots of wine and laughter

first job: Gymboree (y’all wonder why kids make me cringe?)

indulgence: shoes, food, wine

last purchase: pizza for dinner last night – it was sick boy’s request

favorite movie: Gone with the Wind

inspiration: my wonderful mom and my amazing girl friends

my life: is a little confused right now – but I’m happy



How old were you?: 21

What grade were you in? Junior year in college – is that 15? 16?

Where did you go to school? GGU – I transferred around A LOT

Where did you work?: Alain Pinel Realtors

where did you live?: A condo owned by my bosses in Mountain View

Where did you hang out?: Palo Alto mainly, some downtown San Jose

How was your hair style?: short and bob like

Did you wear braces?: nope

Did you wear glasses?: for reading

sport: dancing… also, this was the year I really got into running

Who was your best friend?: I was in mid-upheaval of my life at that point. Liz and I weren’t speaking, Angie lived in Maryland… I’d have to say it was probably Tammie – or maybe Richelle

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?: I was newly single after breaking up with my highschool BF

Who was your celebrity crush?: Matt Damon

did you have more guy friends or girl?: I’d say it was pretty much 50 / 50

Who was your regular-person crush?: This realtor I vaguely knew in passing*

How many piercings did you have?: 5, 4 in ears and belly button

How many tattoos did you have?: none

what kind of music were you into?: country mainly but I loved a little bit of everything

What was your favorite band?: Hmmm… Maybe Dixie Chicks?

What was your biggest fear?: not being able to get away from my past

favorite color: green

Had you smoked a cigarette yet?: oh yes

Had you gotten drunk or high yet? yes - it was a pretty regular occurance back then

Had you driven yet?: yep

Did you have a car? Green Saturn SL1


How old are you?: 26

What school year are you in?: about to go back to my Junior year in college (stupid transfer rules)

Where do you go to school?: SJSU (in a few more weeks hopefully)

Where do you live?: in an apartment in Mountain View

Where do you hang out?: at home, friend’s houses and Ugly’s

How is your hair style?: long and wavy (unless I spend the hour beating it into submission)

Do you wear glasses?: for reading

Who is your best friend: Liz and Angie

Favorite Sport?: running – though l’m into the bootcamp right now also and hoping to start some triathlon training soon (if I can find the time)

Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend?: TheBoy (aka: Ryan)

do you have more guy friends or girl? girl friends

Who is your celebrity crush?: Matt Damon (pregnant wife ha!)

Who is your regular-person crush?: TheBoy

How many tattoos do you have?: 1

How many piercings do you have?: still 5

what kind of music are you into: country as always, but also jazzy, bluesy stuff reminiscent of the Rat Pack and some old school hip hop

What is your favorite band?: Antigone Rising

What is your biggest fear?: not being good enough

Have you driven yet?: LOL – this must have originated with younger kids

Do you have a car now? Chevy Z24 cavalier convertable

favorite color: pink

Have you smoked a cigarette yet?: yes and quit

Have you gotten drunk or high yet?: yes though not quite as frequently now – unless there are extenuating circumstances like the holidays

*in a strange twist of fate, said crush called and asked me to drinks literally a week after I began dating TheBoy.

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Tiffany said...

Wow. Thats a lot of info packed in to one post! Its great!

Happy New Year... Almost