Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend Recap

So. Tired. Must. Sleep.

What is with the insomnia going around? I've got it, Liz has got it... Is it the stress of the holidays? Because seriously y'all, I've consumed enough wine the last few nights to ensure that I sleep heavily and happily through the night. But no.

Anyway, this was a fun weekend with BestFriend Liz's birthday and all! I promise to post pics later... Once I remember to grab the cord thingy to connect the camera to the computer. I also am errant and have photos for Christine's birthday last month to post. Bad Tiffy!

Here's my weekend recap - in no particular order:

2 slices of BBQ Chicken Pizza at the Oasis dreamed of for a week and eaten by me on Friday

2 old friends from college that I got to see on Friday night

1 appearance of drunk Liz on Friday... I love drunk Liz, she's so giggle-y and fun!

1 Birthday brunch cooked - my first ever! And if the food was a little burnt the girls humored me by pronouncing it fabulous and washing it down with mimosas

1 long overdue pedicure and manicure

5 CD's bought at Target

2 books bought even though I have probably 4 or 5 books at home that are still unread

1 registration fee and application sent in so that I can (finally!) finish my B.A. (Although I am a tad nervous to be going back to school after a 5 year + absence!)

1 book finished - The Time Traveler's Wife which was excellent! Seriously, couldn't put it down...

1 Birthday dinner at CreoLa

3 rounds of after dinner shots made by Carrie at her bar for the Birthday girl...

3 shots taken by the birthday girl even though she was mightily protesting at least the last two

1 scalding bath taken because the temperature in my apartment is sub-freezing

1 trip to the mountains to go cut down a Christmas tree

1 hour TheBoy and I spent decorating the tree/apartment before our attention wandered and we started watching Miss Congeniality instead

1 glass of eggnog drank which was probably 50/50 with Captain and yet still composed 80% of my calorie intake for Sunday

1 super yummy Chile Verde burrito from Garcia's eaten


Liz said...

The Brunch was amazing. The food was truly gourmet and the company was outstanding. Now if I hadn't had that hang over I wouldhave enjoyed the mimosas more. :)

Anonymous said...

Ooohh... let's see some drunk pics of Liz! LOL.