Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Years!

I’m not quite sure how it happened… But somehow, through the drug induced haze and hunger pains from not eating solid foods in 4 days (thanks to TheBoy for this lovely little flu bug! Love you honey!), I’ve managed to drum up some real honest to goodness excitement for the new year. I just know 2006 is going to be an awesome* year for me. I feel like I’m finally taking charge of my life, doing things that are best for me, maybe for the first time ever! And I’ve got several super fun vacations planned or in the works so I can’t complain…

As most of you already know, I am the Queen of resolution making. I make New Year’s resolutions, Birthday resolutions, Monday morning resolutions… You name it. I think it goes along with the list fetish. There’s just something satisfying about this sort of internal ticker I have going. I love removing things from the list as I complete them, and I love the excitement and enthusiasm that goes into adding a new item.

I’m weird though. Y’all knew that. So here are my Resolutions for 2006. Because by posting them out here into cyber space it sort of makes me more accountable to all of y’all. Right? I feel like I accomplished something already!


~ Continue working out with a goal of losing remaining 12 pounds and general toning, especially in arm and tummy regions!

~ Enter (and complete) a couple of 10K and/or half marathon races.

~ Stick to sensible eating plan as discussed with nutritionist – repeat over and over to self, “I have paid a lot of money for this advice… I might as well listen!”

~ Enroll in college courses at SJSU and begin slow and agonizing trek towards completing Bachelor Degree in History (Useful! Yay! Shut up!)

~ Work diligently toward paying off massive, soul-sucking consumer debt. Stick to budget. Limit frivolous purchases. Bring lunch from home.

~ Limit consumption of alcohol beverages to special occasions. Also limit drinks on special occasions to one or two.

~ Be the most Positive and Enthusiastic person I know.

~ Work on establishing regular sleep schedule as per Dr’s advice on insomnia issue. Remember this is why the *Dr* went through umpteen years of college and medical school where as *I* am probably going to be one of the oldest college juniors in my classes. She maybe knows some stuff.

~ Resist urge to cut all of hair off while it’s now in gawky growing out stage. (I know this one is frivolous but y’all? The hair? It has a mind of it’s OWN these days!)

~ Work on showing the people in my life how much I appreciate them every day. Or as often as is humanly possible without becoming an annoying sap. Remember what it feels like to be taken for granted and vow to never do that to someone else.

~ Spend more time with my mother. The woman deserves it for crying out loud! I was maybe not the easiest teenager… And I could learn a lot from her.

~ Make concentrated effort to remain in (or re-establish) contact with friends. These people know a lot about me – it would be nice if I could keep tabs on them! Distance is not really an issue y’all. Love you internet!

~ Get out and try new things. Or maybe more realistically… Two new things. Two seems like a reasonable number right? Two totally new and exciting, and also maybe scary and terrifying, but EXCITING new things. These two things are as yet unidentified… Perhaps I’ll sign up for some sort of lessons – with strangers! Or maybe I’ll travel somewhere – alone! The possibilities are endless!


Okay y’all, that’s all this cowgirl wrote for 2005. I’m off to go flea dip the cat and bomb the apartment. Ah… the joys of being sick on a Friday night! I hope you all have a fun and safe New Year’s. Maybe I’ll be feeling well enough to do a bit of celebrating myself… We shall see. In the mean time, all you kids have fun!

*“Awesome like a hundred billion hotdogs, sir.” (Brownie points for anyone who gets the reference)

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Anonymous said...

those are all great resolutions tiff. i know you can accomplish them. and i'm so glad that you're feeling better or at least in a partying mood. happy 2006.