Monday, December 19, 2005

Scary Santa

I'm alive!

I'm just feeling a little under-whelmed by the holidays... But I'm working on it. TheBoy and I have holiday themed events for every night this week so Bah Humbug to me.

In the mean time I thought I'd pass on an amusing story from one of my closest girlfriends. Keep in mind that I don't have children nor do I hang around children if I can help it so I had no idea the following was even possible.



Elly and I discovered Chico Mall within a week of moving here. Around the middle of November, at one far end, a veeery large chair was placed inside of an area decorated like the North Pole; it had dancing elves, giant candy canes, and boxes wrapped in decorated paper with bows, stacked into a huge pyramid. Naturally, Elly was rather intrigued, so Mama went on to tell that Santa would sit in that special chair, so that kiddies could come sit in his lap and tell him what they'd like to receive on Christmas morning..... In that first trip alone, we must've gone back to look at that impressively grand chair three times!

We ended up seeing that chair in it's arctic (but vacant) resplendence on three separate occasions. Mama didn't think Santa was planning to make an appearance before Thanksgiving, but lo and behold: the Tuesday before Thanksgiving Mark, Elly & I went to go make sure that nothing had changed about that chair..... Much to our surprise, we found it filled! As we rounded the corner, Elly saw much more quickly than Mama or Daddy that it's rightful occupant had taken up residency -- so she started screaming like a banshee!!!

Prolific tears, howling, and death-grips-of-parents ensued..... Even Santa looked a little perplexed -- and we weren't any closer than 15 yards away! However, before we knew it, a teensy weensy infant of maybe 4 weeks old went ahead of us, and handled her visit like a champ. Well, Elly wasn't going to be shown up by some teensy weensy baby!! So after much praise, wiping of tears, several faltering starts, and screwing up of courage, Elly managed to sit in the chair with Santa long enough to hold a pose -- mind you not IN his lap, but NEXT to him!

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