Thursday, December 08, 2005


I love my digital camera! And I love taking pictures with it! But maybe I'm not so good at actually sharing those photos...


Here are some pics of Christine's birthday party, which was maybe last month. Better late than never? Unfortunately none of the group shots of us in the Karaoke room came out well. But there are some cute ones of the group at dinner.

Liz and Michele

Mischa, Christine (the b-day girl) and Michael

Angie, Erik, me and Ryan

And these ones are from Liz's birthday, which was just last weekend so I'm getting better! The first ones are at the restaurant - the last few are at Ugly's.

The group

The group with me

Just the girls

Fab 5 (at Ugly's)

And last but not least... Me and the Birthday Girl!


Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome. Great pics. And I love your group of friends.

Tiffany said...

Great pictures! you all look wonderful!

Becky said...

Hello lovely ladies! Good pictures, nice smiles...I want to hang out with you guys from just looking at these! Cause i'm a dork.