Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Splitting Headache...

I have been known to say in the midst of a migraine (or shortly in it's aftermath) that I would love to just get a regular old headache one day. Because as those of you who suffer with migraines know... It's a journey into the black abyss and ANYTHING would be preferable to one. Red hot pokers in the eyes? Sure. Head in vise grips? No problem. I absolutely believe that a regular headache is nothing compared to a migraine.

But could someone please turn off the jack hammer in my head soon?

TheBoy has been complaining of a sort throat for the past several days and today he's actually taking a sick day (which is odd for him) because he feels so badly! And of course this morning at about 3 am I woke up with a sore throat and my friend the jack hammer. I'm telling you, this thing is invincible! No amount of pain killer can stall it! Thanks to TheBoy for sharing with me... So sweet.

Anywho, the last few days have been hectic so I apologize to my faithful readers (all 2 of you) for my lack of blogging lately. I promise to resume regular blogging scheduling shortly. In the mean time let me give you my weekend recap, starting with Friday.

1 memorial service attended
1 glass of wine at reception
0 times I gave way to the panic I was feeling in relation to attending above service
1 much needed lunch with friends after service
1 time I tried to crawl into bed in my PJ's at 6pm on Friday
1 time I got dressed back up because TheBoy demanded it
3 bars we went to on Friday night
1 holiday party that I didn't plan on attending that I actually went to
5 awkward moments at above party
2 beers at first bar
2 greyhounds at second bar
1 greyhound & 1 lemon drop at third bar
2 times we had to send back the lemon drops (once the glass was broken and the second time the bartender put salt on the rim instead of sugar)
1 vodka cranberry made by Angie who is incredibly heavy handed drank at holiday party
2 Jaeger/coke shots I took at party even though everyone knows I can not STAND Jaeger
1 really really drunk Tiffy who said all sorts of inappropriate things and apologizes profusely to anyone who may have witnessed the above spectacle
1 very very sick Tiffy on Saturday morning
1 Jack in the Box breakfast and LARGE sprite TheBoy brought me Saturday morning
6 hours spent in bed reading Saturday
1 Taco Bell dinner finally kept down at 5 pm
1 beer managed to choke down in honor of out of town guests
1 movie watched while visiting out of town guests
1 movie slept through
1 very drunk TheBoy I drove home Saturday night
5 hours spent shopping with TheBoy on Sunday for holiday/birthday gifts
1 holiday party attended Sunday night
1 Billy Bass singing fish won by TheBoy during White Elephant exchange
1 Twister game that we brought and also took home from White Elephant exchange
3 glasses of wine drank at party
0 times I said out loud what I was really thinking during party (yea me!)
1 (hypothetical) boss who was back at (theoretical) work Monday am (this was a happy thing for me)
4 times I was told what a great job I had done in his absence the last couple weeks
1 birthday party for TheBoy's step-mom attended last night
4 glasses of wine drank at dinner
1 well received desert made by yours truly for dinner
1 awkward scene between TheBoy and myself which we are ignoring today
2 times I had to be woken up and moved from where I randomly fell asleep at party
4 hours total I think I managed to sleep last night (including the hour at the party)

So to recap, that was 3 parties in 4 days plus a funeral, roughly 12 gallons of beer and wine drank and twice I was sick, once brought on by myself and once brought on by a germ-y TheBoy.

Can I go home now???


ran said...

I will say a prayer you can feel better Tiffany. It was fun to assist with your question. Worked Sucked today. What a P.I.T.A. Hope you feel better soon. Ran

erikhnh said...

count: '3' readers :) Erik

Anonymous said...

holy crap! i'm exhausted just reading that.

hope you feel better soon.