Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What does your name mean?

I thought this was fun. Go here and click on "general info" on the left hand side, then "name meanings" and enter your name. Let me know what you find out! I like mine... I bet my mom had no idea!!

Manifestation of God : Greek

You are responsible, determined and tenacious with sound judgement and the ability to inspire others making you ideal for positions of leadership. Having broad vision you are happy to accept the challenge of handling large projects which others may find too demanding. With your keen intuition and inventive mind you are always seeking answers. Fair and just you have a warm and compassionate nature which attracts many friends.


Liz said...

I would say that is right on!

Becky said...

I don't see General Info...i'm a complete dorkus.

Tiffany said...

Hey!! You took all the fun out of searching for my name!!

Just kidding!

browser58 said...

"General Info" is there - but you need to expand your horizons beyond the traditional definitions of left and right.

Anonymous said...

"You are an inspirational individual and seem to lead a charmed existence. Material success is no more than your versatility, optimism and courage deserve. You are creative and resourceful and can develop your ideas into tangible form which brings you great satisfaction. You attract friends, love and happiness in abundance because of your warm and enthusiastic nature. Life is much better with you around."

Wow! Life is much better with me around. LOL.

Anonymous said...

And this is my Greek name. Both are very good.

"You are idealistic and have a keen intellect and imagination. Philosophical with a gentle, romantic and giving nature your desire is to help others and benefit mankind. You attract many friends and are loved by all for your nurturing and understanding ways. Once a project has been started your determination and focus always ensures that it is completed. You exude peace and contentment and bring this into your environment and associations."

Becky said...

Got it!

Noose, knotted cord : Hebrew

Um....I dont know if I like that or not.

Tiffany said...

Liz - thanks!

Tiffany - we're both fabulous!

Kate - but we already knew that didn't we?

Becky - umm... did it get any better after the hebrew definition?