Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Endless Possibilities!

I love New Years. I love the endless possibilities that stretch out before me at the beginning of any new year. It reminds me of the first day of school in some ways, newly sharpened #2 pencils, blank pages in brand new spiral notebooks, a new calendar with pages and pages of open dates.

I’m one of those people that constantly is changing things, new routines, new exercise regiments, new diets, I’m going to wake up earlier, stay up later, read more, write more. I’m in a constant state of change. Blame it on my need to be good enough for everyone at all times. Blame it on the over-achiever I always was. Blame it on the OCD. Who knows really what drives people.

All I know is that the days, weeks and months of 2006 are stretching before me with endless possibilities. I learned a lot in 2005, a lot about the person I was, and the person I want to be, and the things in my life that were working and those that were hindering me from becoming a better person. I learned that I am responsible for my own happiness, and I am the one who controls how I let people treat me. It’s up to me to guide my relationships into ones that are satisfying for me as well as the other person. I learned that it’s okay for me to stand up for what I want.

I can’t wait to see what 2006 has in store for me! Among other things, I’ll be going back to school which of course means new pencils and empty notebooks. I can’t wait! But that’s not all I have to look forward to… I’m looking forward to many more nights out with my incredible girls. I’m looking forward to lazy summer weekends at the lake. I’m looking forward to helping TheBoy find the perfect house for him. I embrace the changes that event will bring and look forward to growing because I know we are strong enough. I’m looking forward to my family reunion in July, a trip to Hawaii in June, and a trip to Cabo in October. I’m looking forward to a wedding (or 2).

And it’s only January 3rd! Who knows what other wonderful things may come along!

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Anonymous said...

i love it that you're so positve about the forthecoming year tiff. you definitely deserve good things.