Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend Recap

1 Pug puppy played with
1 happy hour went to Friday night with Pug’s mommy
2 times I went to the gym this weekend
1 girl’s lunch Saturday
3 wineries visited
4th birthday party for TheBoy attended on Saturday night
1 glass of wine I had at party
1 “red wine incident” at party that caused everyone to leave early/pass out
1 hour I spent cleaning up after everyone left/passed out at party
1 yoga class attended
2 margaritas drank Sunday
2 bars TheBoy and I went to on our “date night” last night
1 awesome sushi dinner at my favorite place
1 cool guy sitting next to us at the bar who just moved here from Oahu
217 tips for locals given once TheBoy and I admitted our plan to move there
1 fun new Sunday night event discovered

All in all it was a nice, quiet and low key weekend. I think I still needed to recover from last weekend! I’m really working on staying focused on the working out and eating right plan. I just keep chanting “Maui, Maui, Maui” over and over in my head. It’s very effective in combating excess calories!


Sokun said...

Very amusing, i'm glad you had a great time. did you ever get into the University? Keep going, do you think that somehow God has a hand in it? It's amazing when you ask God and He gives!!!

God Bless, sue

Anonymous said...

yes it is very effective. i do the same with my trip to cali in a couple of months.