Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend Recap - TheBoy's birthday!

Whew! What a weekend! It’s a good thing TheBoy’s birthday only comes once a year because I don’t think my kidney’s could handle it more often. All in all a good time was had by all. A couple of TheBoy’s friends from out of the area came to town (German from Reno and Brian from Monterey) for the party Saturday which was awesome for him. But let me back up a little because the birthday celebrations actually began on Thursday.

Thursday night after work we drove up to SF to have dinner at Blue Plate with TheBoy’s mom and her bf and his brother and his fiancé. The food was spectacular! The power in the restaurant went out about half way through the evening… Luckily we had already gotten our food! It was an adventure though. The restaurant is basically an old house and we were seated in the far back on what I’m sure used to be an enclosed patio or sun room. So, while the main part of the restaurant was smoky (exhaust fans in the kitchen are electric) and dark, we were happily enjoying our meal by moonlight (and candle light) and with the windows open.

After dinner we met up with a friend of TheBoy’s from college, Angie who lives in SF and we hardly get to see. She brought along a friend also and the four of us sat and drank (well I drank sprite anyway) and talked until 1:00 am! On a school night! Yeah. Once I realized what time it was we quickly high tailed it out of there. A 45 minute car ride later we fell into bed at around 2:00 am. Just for reference, my alarm goes off at 6:00 am.

Friday night after work TheBoy and I headed over to exchange a pair of jeans I bought him for a smaller size (bastard! He wasn’t even TRYING to lose weight!) and from there went to have a couple pints of beer before dinner. Dinner was fantastic at our favorite Greek restaurant as always. We each had a couple of glasses of wine and managed some not too awkward conversation and generally enjoyed each other’s company – it was nice. After dinner we headed over to a pub to meet up with the gang. Surprise for TheBoy, his friend German had driven down from Reno to surprise him! Very, very cool. The group broke up at the pub around midnight and TheBoy, German and I headed home. I made it until about 2:00 am again and then passed out. I’m pretty sure the boys were up until 4:00 am!

Saturday was spent in a frenzy of cleaning (I’m maybe a little OCD about having a clean house if people are coming over) and buying beer and booze and snacks for the birthday party later that evening. I would say the party was a success, even if we did run out of beer halfway through the evening! Luckily there was plenty of hard alcohol around and the shots were free flowing. All I can say is – I’m glad I survived the evening! It was fun to see everyone. Shockingly, none of our neighbors complained! Score! Again, I think I maybe managed to get to bed by 4:00 am, only to be wide awake again at 7:30. (I also maybe can’t sleep so well if I think the house is a mess) But out of respect for German who was sleeping in the living room – I stayed in bed and read until almost 10 before getting up to clean.

Needless to say last night I was spent! The weekend was a blast but I’m certainly glad it’s over… My body is in full detoxify mode right now. Oddly enough I have zero desire for a beer or glass of wine... I’m sure I’ll get over THAT soon enough though!

Today is back to real life. I’ve been doing pretty well on the whole working out and eating right thing (the past weekend excluded) so I’m very proud of myself. I’m actually looking forward to the gym tonight! I love it!


erikhnh said...

I had a great time sweetie! Although I can't say that for my shoes and the street on the way home after that shot of pseudo- Jager tore my head off. :) It was all over after that. 'boy o boy'!!!

Tiffany said...

Oh my! I was wondering how you were doing!

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday to your boyfriend. i'm glad you had a nice time, even if it was exhausting.