Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Derailed? Or back on track?

And this is how easy it is for me to get completely sidetracked y’all. Last night after work TheBoy wanted to go to giant, scary and also utterly boring computer/electronics store to buy a new stereo for the Bronco. Because the old stereo might have a small problem with leaking and during the last storm water apparently got into the dash and well… RIP stereo. My payment for going along quietly? Dinner. His treat.

So after our successful foray into the pit of hell, er… I mean electronics store, I decided that Fresh Mex was definitely in order. We ended up at a local place, in fact the same place as mentioned here. (OMG I just linked to myself, how tacky!) Once we remembered THAT little tidbit we HAD to have a margarita to celebrate the memory. Ahem.

And y’all? That was the best damn margarita I’ve had in ages! Mmm… Tequila! It tasted so good in fact that after we paid our bill for dinner we headed over to the bar for another. A Grande one this time. Because that’s clearly what the situation needed.

Note size of glass in comparison to size of head. Anyone else thinking that should have been a sign? Also, please disregard extremely pink cheeks. Ah the joys of being a fair skin drinker!

Moments of hilarity, fits of laughter and general “remember when” nostalgia ensued. At some point we decided that we should document the evening with photos. We must have been the evening’s entertainment for the rest of the bar! This is what happens when drunk people carry digital cameras. I’m just saying…

I might have been mocking his new haircut a little...

All on a Tuesday night y’all. Tuesday! Nevermind that I was supposed to be at a yoga class at 7:30. Nevermind the roughly 613 loads of laundry that were waiting at home (much less the fact that TheBoy is out of clean underwear!). Nevermind any number of grown up responsibilities and New Year resolutions. It was an evening for drinking tequila!

After the Grande margarita we decided maybe we should go home while one of us was still sober enough to drive. We listened to music, drank beer, laughed more and eventually watched a movie. Oh! We did manage to do one thing productive which was take pictures of some monitors and my treadmill so that we can list them for sale. Yay us! We did manage to do something from the never ending To-Do list!

Of course tonight I’ll be at the gym working my little tail off and trying desperately to undo the damage from last night. But you know what? It was totally worth it. It was like none of the weirdness from the past several months had happened and we were just "us" again. I wouldn't trade that for all the size 2 jeans in the world.


Michele said...

Okay, that margarita is seriously huge!

Shawn said...

and you've had experience with huge as we have seen in the past... :P

Anonymous said...

you guys are too adorable. love the pics. and damn. i could so go for a margarita right now.

erikhnh said...

You are very cute!