Thursday, January 05, 2006

Green Grass

TheBoss and I were having a conversation today with another co-worker about how things have changed for us as we moved from being children into adulthood. They both have children themselves and were talking about how their kids are getting older, playing sports is becoming more serious and rough housing now has more consequences. It’s amazing how it changes isn’t it? When we were kids and you were playing and someone got knocked down they just got back up and someone apologized and the incident was over.

Now as adults if you even unintentionally offend someone sorry isn’t going to cut it. I’ve seen entire friendships go up in smoke over a miscommunication. I’ve been a participant in that scenario. And yet somewhere I learned the meaning of the word pride… And it holds me back. Makes the “I’m sorry” harder to say. Also, I avoid conflict at all costs so chances are if I think I may have hurt someone I’ll stay away rather than run the risk of having a confrontation over it.

Where did I learn that? When did I lose the innocence of a child? And can I get it back?

Anyway, the conversation quickly turned into other thing that we missed about being a kid and I thought I’d share some of mine with you:

~ I miss thinking that my mom could fix ANYTHING – Broken heart, skinned knee, favorite toy… You name it, that woman was all powerful!

~ I miss my favorite food magically appearing in the cupboards… What’s the shopping and buying thing about anyway??

~ I miss having 3 months off every summer where all I had to worry about was how to fend off boredom.

~ I miss running and playing so hard during the days that I slept the sleep of utter exhaustion at night.

~ I miss the days when I didn’t worry about my weight and had no idea what the calorie content was of toothpaste.

In that vein, here are some things that are pretty awesome about being a grown woman:

~ I am responsible for making sure the rent is paid, the bills aren’t late and that there is food on the table. At the end of the day *I* did that.

~ I chose my own friends now, as opposed to being “friends” with all the kids in my grade because it’s just what you did. And what an awesome group I have.

~ I can have a “sleep-over” any time I want. And boys can come too!

~ Wine. Also, it’s cousins Beer and Vodka.

~ My palate is no longer limited to the foods my mother likes. I love you mom but sushi is excellent! So are spicy salsas! Thai food! Cream cheese!

~ I can chose my vacation destinations. Trips to grandma’s house = OUT. Hawaii/Cabo/Vegas = IN.


Liz said...

Great points Sweetie. Especially sleep overs with boys ;) teehee.

Miss be done with school at 2 pm and the summer off.

erikhnh said...

Yeah....ummm..... I don't get it! What's the big deal about sleepovers with boys? You mean the noises and the smells?

kate said...

- being responsible for one's self: yes

- choosing own friends: yes

- sleepovers: double yes

- wine: yes, please

- yummy food: heck yes

- fab vacations: definite yes

great post tiff.

Tiffany said...

I miss snow days.

Great post.