Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday Feast

Name one chore you don't really mind doing.

Vacuuming. Actually I like most chores. It’s much easier for me to pick the two that I LOATHE doing – taking out the trash and scrubbing the shower. Luckily for me TheBoy doesn’t mind those… He hates laundry and dishes.

How many times have you moved homes in your life?

Oh wow. Um… 19? I can only count 19 right now and that’s cause I’m a little fuzzy on the details of what happened when I was super young. Just because I got such a kick out of doing this I’ll list the ones I can remember in order:

~ Fontana, CA – house where I was born

~ Brookings, OR - grandma’s house while my mom and Jim got divorced

~ Loma Linda, CA w/ my mom – super young, Mom owned a green house there

~ Sunnyvale, CA – apartment where the woman below us had a daughter my age and we used to play dress up – I was always Maid Marion from Robin Hood

~ Mountain View, CA – I hated this apartment because it had floor to ceiling windows and we were on the first floor so I thought someone could steal me.

~ Cibolo, TX – house in teeny tiny little town – I have awesome memories of this place… It’s the first house that sticks out as “home”.

~ Menlo Park, CA – house on VA property when my mom first moved in with Al – they had been together about 10 years at this point. I was in Jr. High and High School.

~ Mountain View, CA – in-law unit and first time I ever lived alone. I was a nanny for the couple who owned the house but there incessant screaming was too much. That and I wanted to “rescue” Angie from Corning.

~ San Jose, CA – 1 bedroom, 2 girls. Lots of crap and an incessant smell of curry. I think there were 7 people living in that house. I’m to AR for that – it didn’t last long.

~ Mountain View, CA – apartment with Angie – still small but at least it was just us. There was also a knife wielding attacker on our street once. But the pizza place across the street was awesome!

~ Livermore, CA – the first of two times that I moved home to my parent’s house to save money in between moves.

~ Atherton, CA – ah… the dorms! One semester only though. Again – I don’t like communal living.

~ San Bruno, CA – surprisingly large in-law unit close to SFSU where I was in school at the time.

~ Livermore, CA – time #2 that I lived at my parent’s house. And I commuted 45 miles each way to be at work!

~ Mountain View, CA – condo that my bosses purchased for me to live in because I couldn’t afford to rent anything in a decent neighborhood at the time. I felt so appreciated and lucky.

~ Palo Alto, CA – apartment with AnnMarie, after I got laid off post 9/11. I loved this neighborhood. Grocery store and local coffee shop across the street! So fun! Also, TheBoy moved in with us at some point…

~ Mountain View, CA – TheBoy’s and my first apartment together. I was so happy there. But the management company had a problem with Ryan always working on his cars… And he has a lot of cars.

~ Sunnyvale, CA – townhouse with TheBoy, with a garage! Exciting! Actually this is by far the nicest place I’ve lived in since I left home. But I was more miserable in the year+ we lived there than I have ever been in my life. I don’t have great memories of that place.

~ Mountain View, CA – ChezGhetto – our current home. But hopefully for not too much longer!

Whew! I must have a wandering spirit or something!

How old were you when you had your very first kiss?

First boy/girl kiss was a peck on the cheek from my friend Justin Marlowe – I think it was the summer before 7th grade – I had just moved here from TX and his dad lived down the street. He and his sister Tracy were my only friends that summer.

My first “French” kiss was on New Year’s Day of my Freshman year in High School. I was so “in love” with that boy AND we had been dating* for like 6 months at the time and it was the second time he had been my boyfriend. We had dated* a couple of months the prior year also. Wow I was innocent then!

Main Course
What time of day do you usually feel your best?

I’m definitely a morning person!

Using three words or less, describe your current local weather.

Cold. Crappy. Winter.

*It’s not really “dating” when you’re that age but whatever. He was my “boyfriend”. My first serious “relationship”.


Becky said...

You know what, your lucky to have seen so many places. I have lived my entire life in the same spot and MY SOUL CRAVES some travel :)

Anonymous said...

i had my first kiss at the age of seven with this older boy of ten, jt, that i was absolutely infatuated with for years. boy does this bring back sweet memories. there's nothing like your first kiss.