Friday, January 20, 2006

School Woes...

A few tidbits for your Friday…

SJSU has still not managed to admit me. I guess they are a little overwhelmed by the amount of transcripts they have received and it’s taking some time to get them entered into the system. Once they are all in the system then someone can review my file. Until then – I wait. Hourly phone calls into my admissions counselor are useless because her outgoing message says that her mailbox is full and to please try again later. I’ve been “trying again” for 3 days now. Yesterday I left messages for both of her supervisors. You can imagine how many phone calls I’ve received back. Classes start Monday. I’m basically out of luck.

Must. Find. Positive. Side. I’ll have more money if I’m not in school this semester which means I can pay off some more debt and take a few more boot camp sessions. I’ll also have more time to spend with my friends and family.

This weekend should be fun. Saturday my friends Liz and Christine and I are going to meet for brunch and go wine tasting for the day. I can’t wait! I’m really looking forward to some nice relaxing girl time. That evening is yet another birthday celebration for TheBoy! Anyone else notice how we tend to draw out the birthdays around here? It’s like a birth-month instead of a birth-day.

And Vegas is only 3 weeks away! Now that’s something a girl can get excited about!

Sometimes it’s very hard to maintain a positive outlook. And yet, somehow I usually manage to pull it off. But am I cheating myself? Setting standards of my behavior that I am going to regret? Standards that I’ll resent?

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Michele said...

That's the frustrating thing about a HUGE school like SJSU. Hang in there.

Have a good time sat. Sounds fun!