Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I ran into an old friend from high school the other day at the bookstore down the street from my office. Well I don’t actually know if we were ever “friends” – friendly, yes. She was the best friend of a good friend of mine but the two of us never made that additional step of becoming more than friends of friends. I had lost touch with her shortly after graduation but news travels through the grapevine… You know how it was that first year or two after graduation. Following who went to school where and which high school couples had stood the test of time and which ones hadn’t.

Anyway, I purposely cut ties with everyone from high school sometime between my 21st and 22nd birthday. I just wanted to be someone else you know? And I thought I couldn’t do that as long as there were all these people around who had known the old me. Anyway, I hadn’t heard anything about this girl in a long time and then through another old high school girlfriend I stumbled on an alumni page for our class and noticed that she had registered and that she was engaged. I sent off a little congratulations e-mail and forgot about it.

Until I ran smack dab into her a few weeks back. Apparently things with the fiancée didn’t work out and she’s back living in the area trying to put her life together and figure out what she wants to do now. And like me, she’s recently been trying to get back into touch with a few of the people we used to know. So the upshot is that I’m meeting her to hang out and catch up tomorrow after work. I’m excited. She was always a girl I liked, funny, smart, independent. And yet we never were THAT close so I wonder if it will be awkward after that initial “this is what I’ve been doing for the last 9 years” conversation.

Here’s to Tiffy stepping out of her comfort zone! If all else fails we’re going to this new wine bar thing which sounds like a blast. And you know me… Gotta have the wine!

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Anonymous said...

oh that sounds great tiff. i'd love to reconnect with the couple of friends i had in school. i'm so proud of you. have fun.